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On the occasion of the last trip to the Prà de la Fam (Garda Lake), we had the opportunity to meet Claudio Bertagna, Simmer Style agent for Italy, who, at the end of the session, showed us the new 2018 -2019 boards collection, of the well-known brand born in Maui.

Windsurf: Simmer Style boards 2018 - 2019

Simmer has come to the fourth generation of windsurf boards (G4), and is working hard on developing these products.

At Prà de la Fam, Claudio showed us the following boards, some of which will be tested by us, soon, in the waters of Lake Garda. Below, we report a technical description of the boards, taken from the Simmer website.


Simmer Cortex V1

This is a brand new compact wave board, which will change the way you see a day with average conditions. The board has an extremely reduced length and a narrow outline with diamond tail configuration. Made with a very fast rocker, the Cortex is extremely agile and able to turn tight. Optimized for both onshore and side-shore conditions of the real world, the Cortex offers fast curves and reactions in traditional wind swell conditions, and can also be set to adapt it to offshore down-line conditions..

Equipped with 5 slot boxes, it can be configured as Quad, Thruster, o Twinzer, to best adapt it to the spot conditions.

Windsurf Tavole Simmer 2018 1

Windsurf Tavole Simmer 2018 4

Windsurf Tavole Simmer 2018 5


Quantum V4

The Quantum G4 is an evolution of the popular G3, designed for waveriding with wind swell. Although it excelles in onshore conditions, it is actually the most versatile wave board in the range, featuring a huge performance register and super easy sailing in any type of wave. Thanks to the five carbon slot boxes, it is possible to fine-tune the board for a huge spectrum of conditions, from light wind to strong wind, and from onshore to side shore. The Quantum also handles the largest waves, with faster surfing down the line, and quick rail to rail transitions. It also handles choppier conditions more effectively due to the single-to-double concave which absorbs chops and drives the water towards the fins with a slight V in the tail. This configuration creates stability and control even in the most demanding conditions.

Also this board, is equipped with 5 slot boxes, and can be set as Quad, Thruster o Twinzer.

Windsurf Tavole Simmer 2018 2

Windsurf Tavole Simmer 2018 10

Windsurf Tavole Simmer 2018 11


Monster V2

A Freerace that guarantees maximum top speeds with full control at all times, combined with an early planning and an easy jibe. It is designed by the legendary Italian shaper Aurelio Verdi, who has over 20 years experience in the design of slalom boards. The outline is designed to give the board maximum control in all conditions, with more parallel rails towards the middle to keep a wider nose, and generate planning as early as possible. The one-step cut tail, however, maintains control even at high speeds. A generous amount of V towards the nose to absorb chops and give the boards a smooth and user-friendly performance.

Tuttle Box upo to 116; Deep Tuttle/Foil Ready, for greater volumes.

Windsurf Tavole Simmer 2018 8

Windsurf Tavole Simmer 2018 9



Helix V2

Claudio had also with him the new model of Helix, Simmer's freewave, so new that it is not yet inserted on the website of the brand. Soon, we should have the opportunity to try this board. It is a board that adapts to a wide spectrum of conditions. Its rocker is inspired by that of the Simmer Freemove, to achieve excellent speed, associated with control. It is an easy to sail board, which can also be tuned for more radical conditions. By default, it is delivered with a freewave fin for a single fin setup, which makes the board faster and more suited to freeride sessions. With the dedicated trifin kit, the board combines an excellent ability to sail planing upwind, to jump, and to handle small waves in onshore conditions, or more serious waves in sideshore conditions. Power box for central fin, slot boxes for side fins.

Windsurf Tavole Simmer 2018 7


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The video in which Marc Parè introduces Quantum G4



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