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In the web there are plenty of videos of windsurfing. Many are similar. Few really excite us. Personally, the ones I like most are those that, in addition to being shot in dreamed spot, also show lifestyle of the place, and, therefore, customs, people and landscapes. Desert windsurfers is one of them and it really struck me.


Windsurfing in Oman 

(we've recently been in Oman, for our own windsurfing holiday: check out our amazing report

On Vimeo, recently a video shot in the summer of 2014 in the Sultanate of Oman was posted. The footage shot at the spot is really fascinating. First, because the conditions for wave surfing appear fantastic: regular waves, neat, not too big, with often a good side wind.






Surfers in the video (Camille Juban, Antoine Martin, Nicolas Bentz, Regis Guillard, Martin Keruzoré, Pierre Bouras), appear to have great fun. Waveriding in these conditions is my surfing goal, and I often dream of riding in spot with similar conditions (maybe even in Europe).


Second, the video dedicats wide space to the setting of the places, people, everuday life scenes, customs of the place. In short, the video is also a report of a journey, which helps to imagine yourself there, and escape with your mind.

Congratulations for the video, and a great envy.

Aloha, Fabio Muriano


Vimeo's description: 


Great windsurf experience in Sultanate of Oman during summer 2014
Many good spots, good vibes, lovely local people!!

A perfect team with Camille Juban, Antoine Martin, Nicolas Bentz, Regis Guillard, Martin Keruzoré, Pierre Bouras
Shooting : Martin Keruzoré, Pierre Bouras
Short-clip produced by Martin Keruzoré
Sponsor : Oman Tourism - thanks again to Rania Khodr for your trust and confidence
Organiser : Adenfi Media


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