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Point 7 has just launched 2021 windsurfing gear collection. A great effort has been made to develop Foil sails, in particular, considering the growing success of this discipline, with some interesting hybrid models, also.  But lots of testing has carried out on wave and freestyle products to get even better performances. We report here Point 7 intro to new collection.


Windsurfing equipment - Point 7: Welcome to new Zero21 collection


It has been a different year for everyone. It gave a hard time to many, and we wish a strong health to all our community and friends We missed being able to windsurf, race, meet during events around the different spots, meeting our friends, new people from all over the world.

Zero21 is now online, it is by your exclusive dealer to be admired and ordered. It was once again a pleasure to work with our team to bring the latest experience on the products to get you more addicted to Point-7.

Foiling has become more popular over the last years and more specific gear has been developed. We have introduced for this new discipline our F1 line. F1 Fw for upwind racing, F1 Sl for slalom racing. They target pure racing needs and are both dedicate for the 2 different discipline. It’s not a hybrid sail, as in racing you cannot have a compromise for fin or foil.

We did develop though a real hybrid sail. The right compromise for ‘am’ racing for foiling or going on a fin. It’s the new F1e. Developed in 2 different sizes for 2 different target groups.

You can use them for wind foiling in less than 15 knots, and over 13 knots you can use them for windsurfing: a smart solution for those who want to enjoy both disciplines without having to buy double rigs. A 7.6 slalom 2 cams. The concept coming from the outline of our F1 slalom line, but the profile of an AC-one, and mast sleeve as an AC-Z. A fantastic mixture blended together to satisfy all the needs. The 5.4 being a 5-batten wave sail with 1 cam below the boom, and small wide sleeve always below the boom to bring stability and trim on the foil in super light wind, but at the same time give a boost to your bump and jump with the extra power and speed on a fin.


Point7 Desktop 2434x1364 F1e54 2048x1148

P7 F1e54 3 1200x800


Going to windsurfing pure sails, therefore with the fin, our slalom range stayed the same in terms of models.

The AC-One racing has been changed in material lay up to increase the reflex and stability of the sail. A new size 4.7.

The AC-K pro has followed the same development of the AC-One, but the mast sleeve size on batten 6 and 7, counting from the top, has gone a little wider to increase light wind drive, and the leach slightly more negative on the middle to reduce the weight feeling and increase acceleration.

The AC-Z has been a best seller for our brand in it’s first year. Only minor changes have been applied to increase its performance but a total new construction deriving from the AC-One have been implemented. Stronger, more reactive more compact and direct feeling.

Our AC-X Slalom no cam have been improved its technical structure giving a higher direct feeling to the rig.

The AC-F Freeride has been re-designed in its geometry to have younger sailors or lighter weight take advantage of its power. Therefore, new lower clew position.

Going to the wave and freestyle, the Salt pro wave went through a lot of protos and testing. The leach opening and Dacron are often connected for final performance. According to the sail size these have been re-worked on each size differently to either increase the upwind power on the bigger sizes and over all stiffness, and in the smaller sizes to donate higher control.

The Spy will be offered also in the code7548 in a completely new look.

Both Spy and Salt pro are offered in 2 colours. The Black Version will be more forgiving and softer, thanks to the black XXX 2mil top panel laminate, while the yellow 7548 version will be with X-Ply being more direct.

Our Slash went slimmer on the higher part of the outline for faster rotation, and each size has been changed in the boom length to have the ideal compromise between power and maneuverability. This also changed the base area of the sail. Lighter, faster rotation, more power.


Point7 Desktop 2434x1364 SaltPro 2048x1148

Point7 Desktop 2434x1364 F1SL 2048x1148 


Going to our accessories, we are going to have a new boom head on our carbon booms to increase the stability of grip on the mast, and transmission of the reflex from mast to boom.

After the success of the QR harness lines, we have developed the Vario version.

A new line of carbon extensions is now available with a new inverted pulley system rolls, making threading simpler, and down hauling. This new pulley system has also been assembled on the newest alu extensions.

A new mast line both in RDM and SDM are available. RDM-I, where ‘I’ stands for inverted ferrule, which allows less stress on the mast top when landing back loops. SDM-S, where S stands for Sonic as the higher part of the mast will have extra carbon to increase either the reflex in the bigger sizes or stabilize the top in stronger conditions on the shorter mast. The mast will have a higher quality finish, rubber caps on the ferrule to clean the dirt while being matched top and bottom. Of course, made in Italy.

We did not stay home, we dedicated our time to develop more innovation to our products to make your windsurfing more addicted, more fun and with loads more performance.

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