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Many of you may have needed to carry out a small repair on your windsurf board. In this case, there are two options: contact a professional repairer, or, given the modest extent of the damage, rely on do-it-yourself. Let's see how to proceed in this second case.


Windsurfing, do it yourself: board repairing

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A similar situation happened to me recently. In one of the last sessions, returning to the shore I hit a small submerged rock with the board, getting a minor damage to the hull (see photo). So I decided to fix the board on my own (it's not the first time). In this article, I describe how I did the repair, sharing my experience, which will come in handy for many.

The phases of the processing were four:

1) First sanding

2) Grouting

3) Second sanding

4) Painting.

Let's see them in detail.


Windsurf riparazione tavola 008

Windsurf riparazione tavola 001

Windsurf riparazione tavola 002


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Windsurf riparazione tavola 013

Windsurf riparazione tavola 014


Getting the right colors (that is, avoiding buying more spray cans than necessary), for such a repair the cost is about 50 euros/dollars, therefore comparable with that of a professional repairer (at least, these are costs that we get in Italy). Apart from any advantages on the timing (in my case, in a couple of days, the board was repaired, and ready to be used again), clearly there will be some products left over that you can reuse on another occasion on the same board (or other boards, in the case of grout), also if you always hope not to do too much damage to your boards. Post any comments or suggestions below, if you want.

Good job. Fabio


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