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We are not used to follow closely the windsurfing regattas world, too often populated by lots of professional windsurfers, who are almost 365 days a year in the water, and which is too far from the real world amateur windsurfers. But the format proposed by the International Windsurfing Tour seems very interesting to us, because it offers the opportunity to race to both professional and non-professional windsurfers, in different classes.


Windsurf, regattas: The International Windsurfing Tour

More in detail, the classes considered are the following:

Youth (20 and Under)
Masters (45 and over)
Grand Masters (55 and over).

In particular, it is very interesting the chance offered to the young riders, as well as to Masters, and even to Grand Masters.


Noireaux Surazo IWT

Soltysiak Matanzas IWT

Undoubtedly, the other very interesting thing in IWT is the choice of regattas spots, which can also be very useful for us, non-professional windsurfers, to schedule our windsurfing holidays. These are spots where the conditions for waveriding are, in some cases, absolutely great. The circuit, in fact, has understood the remarkable potential of the Pacific Coast of South America (Chile and Peru), has an event in one of the best spots in the world such as Punta San Carlos, Baja Desert (Mexico), and at Moulay (Morocco), without excluding some mythical US spots such as Maui (Hawaii), or the river spot of Gorge in Hood River, Oregon.

Zollet IWT


At this time, one of the last 2017 Events is taking place in Matanzas, Chile. Updates on Events results are available on the IWT website. Videos posted on the IWT Vimeo channel, maybe, are even more engaging .....

It would be interesting if someone, even in Europe, took inspiration .....

Hang loose. Fabio Muriano

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