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Stokednomads: a platform for outdoor lovers

It started before COVID. And, at the beginning, was just as a job board, for those people that wanted to keep doing what they like, like travelling and mostly teaching to others. Seeing that the subscription was growing, not longer after, it included the option to create a profile, and, also later, trips and offline courses. People were signing up, and we got thousands of users until COVID appeared. This meant lockdown, and many people lost their jobs. Surfcamps, dive centers,... were closing. Stokednomads was not anymore useful.

After some months of thinking, while walking with my dog, I came to a conclusion to help people create channels. Like this, they could add content for free and they could also promote their company. Or for sell and earn some money, for example videos, tutorials, travel blogs,... All the money from the subscribers goes to the creators. Stokednomads gets no fees from it. After some months of work, I got injured very badly while skateboarding. I completely broke my skull, losing even vision. My recovery was pretty fast (even if it took several months), and I could get into work and finish the idea.

Today, some time after launching channels, people are registering daily to create content and earn some money. Many of them are registering, while they think about what they are gonna create. The good thing is that they can create so much content as they want and put on each one the price that they want. As said, some can be for free, and other content can be set to be under a price, like an online course, or expedition documentary. Or a recurring price like, for example, a travel blogger who adds monthly content.


Stokednomads 002

Stokednomads 001 

Having already the traffic on the platform, it will help each one to get subscribers. Also, a good idea is to share the link from your channel on your social media. Why? Because if they are following you, this could easily mean that they would subscribe to the premium content.

The main idea of this is to help people keep doing what they like and earn some money. For me, most of the corporations are like psychopaths and knowing that we at least live ones, it makes sense to try to live as fullest as possible. So, enjoy and share your profile, job offers, trips, offline courses and open a channel.

See ya!



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