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The Tabou Da Curve has been one of the reference wave boards on the market, for a long time. The 2020 model confirms the exceptional performances of this windsurf board, able to really entertain waveriding fans. In this article, we tell you our impressions about the 2020 88-liter model.

I recently took advantage of a promotion, and bought a Sooruz Fighter 4/3 Zip-free Navy wetsuit. The opportunity was profitable to discover Sooruz, a very interesting brand, which produces really well-made wetsuits. In this article, I summarize my first impressions.

Windsurfing equipment manufacturers have launched wide tail booms on the market for some years; they're designed to rig windsurfing sails with a deeper profile. For a few months, we have been using the Goya Super Skinny 140 - 190 boom. In this article, we tell you our first impressions.

After have been using the Ezzy Elite for a few years, with great satisfaction, this year I wanted to test the new wave sail of the Hawaian brand, the Ezzy Wave. For a few months, I have tried this windsurfing sail (sizes 5.8 and 4.7), in different conditions, both at the sea and at lake spots. In this article, I will sum up the test result.

The Ion Ballistic 3/2 RT windsurf boots offer a good feeling, and a valid protection from the cold, if used in spots with relatively low temperatures. In this article, we summarize our impressions.

The Goya Guru is the 4 batten wave sail from the Hawaiian brand of windsurfing equipment. It is referred to as "Control wave", comparing it to Goya other 4 battens sail, the Banzai, defined as "Power wave" sail. After reviewing the 2020/2021 Guru model, we also had the opportunity to test the 2018 version.

The Point 7 Slash is the freestyle model of the Italian brand of windsurfing sails. It is the sail which Yentel Caers won the PWA freestyle championship with. Alessandro, in this article, tells us his impressions on this sail.

The Goya Banzai is a very particular 4 batten wave sail for windsurfing. It is the power-wave sail of the brand, based in Hawaii, for onshore / side on wind conditions, able to supply the rider with the power it needs at the right time. Alessio Negrelli, a friend and a rider from Modena, tells us about his first impressions about the 2020 model (which will remain unchanged in 2021), based on the use of measures 3.7 and 4.2.

The MFC windsurfing fins have long been among the best products on the market, both as for construction and for shape. In the last few months, we have tested several 2020 G-10 models, both for wave and freeride / bump and jump conditions. In this article, we summarize our impressions. 

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