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Surfdose Staff sent us this review about SurfDoseAlert, an useful tool for all windsurfers. We publish it with pleasure.


Surfdose Alert: The Windsurfers' Alarm Clock

Are you a Windsurfer of Kiter?

SurfDoseAlert Screenshot


Do you wake up at 5am to check if wind is up in Valmadrera and your wife/girlfriend is upset because also today you've woken her up for nothing?

Or you just want to check the wind in Valma or Riva del Garda?




SurfDoseAlert is for you!

Setup the alarm clock time range, set minimal wind speed and start it!

Alarm clock will ring only if chosen conditions are found!

Available spots: Valmadrera (Como Lake-Italy), Pier (Garda Lake-Italy).

Do you want your meteo station to be available in SurfDoseAlert?

Let us know!

“Advanced Options” (enabled by registering for free to, the Windsurf Statistics Website):

- Option to visualize the eventual webcam spot picture

- Choice of waking up method (vibration, music, sound)

- Possibility to enable/disable the “Smart Pause” (Alarm paused if device if face down)

- Possibility to choose the wind direction

- Option to skip Alarm in case of Rain (if rain data available)

- Button to start device car navigation app to the selected spot

Available in English and Italian language. The Application is available for:

- iPhone/iPad

- Android
- Blackberry (bbOS6 e 7)

It is free, and it's available on itunes, google play, appworld-blackberry



- SurfDoseAlert works only if device is ON, volume is adequate, DATA CONNECTIVITY is on and the App is RUNNING.

- On some platforms the App must be also in foreground, device unlocked and not on sleep. Please test it in advance.

- On compatible devices, SurfDoseAlert can be paused by putting the device face down: the alarm clock will not ring.

- SurfDoseAlert has 'Advanced Options' available by registering for FREE to SurfDose, the website for Windsurf Reports and Statistics (

Once registered, you can enable the advanced options by entering the same Username and Password.

- SurfDoseAlert use DATA CONNECTIVITY to retrieve weather data. Consider it to avoid unforeseen costs with your mobile plan.

- "Cam" option increases DATA usage. Consider it to avoid unforeseen costs with your mobile plan.

- SurfDoseAlert might send to the developers some data useful to improve the application (like wind speed setup or time range).

- Maximum attention has been put in developing this application. Anyway no guarantee, implicit or explicit, is provided about the performance or the access to weather data in future.


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Special thanks:

SurfDoseAlert uses weather data kindly provided by

- WCV (Windsurf Club Valmadrera)

- Pier Windsurf

Please feel free to contact us if you want to make data from your weather station available in SurfDoseAlert.


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