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No cambers freeride sails now cover a wider and wider field of use: from sails for the general public and easy gliding, to powerful and nervous ones for the more experienced riders who sail with slalom boards. In this article, we summarize the results of tests conducted by the French magazine Windmag on 2019 sails.


Windsurf, test: 2019 no camber freeride sails

The tests were published in the March 2019 issue of the magazine, which we invite you to purchase for all the details and for more in-depth information. Also read the article on the 2019 freewave boards and the 2019 freeride boards one.

The tested sail models are:

  • Duotone E_Type 6.6
  • Gaastra Matrix 6.7
  • Goya Sails Mark 6.6
  • Gun Sails Rapid 6.7
  • Loftsails Oxygen 6.8
  • Naish Sails Noa 6.4
  • Neil Pryde Speedster 6.7
  • Point 7 AC-X 6.5
  • Severne NCX 6.5
  • Simmer V Max 6.6

Some sails adopt RDM masts (with the advantage of a better reflex), other SDM masts (more importance given to the power).

Starting from the easiest sails, Naish Noa lets you navigate without the slightest effort, with a negligible weight in your hands. The Duotone has a sweet behavior that makes planing a reassuring experience. These two sails are suitable for initiation to freeriding, with voluminous boards.


Loftsails Oxygen 2019 2

gunsails rapid 2019 



The sails of the second group (at the center of this type) combine comfort with performance: the Gaastra, the Loft Oxygen, the Gun Rapid, and the Severne belong to it.

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The most manageable sails are the Naish and the Severne, and also Point 7 and Simmer get a good score. Finally, as far as performance is concerned, Point 7 and Simmer are superior to all others, but Gaastra, Gun, Loft, Neil Pryde, and Severne are only slightly inferior.

Good choice. Fabio Muriano


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