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Freeriding is one of the most popular windsurfing disciplines. The well-known French magazine Windmag has tested 6 models of 2019 freeride boards. In this article, we summarize the tests results.

Windsurfing, tests: 2019 freeride boards

The tests were published in the magazine March 2019 issue, which we invite you to purchase for all the details and for more in-depth information. Also read the article on 2019 freewave boards, and the 2018 freeride boards.

The tested models are:

  • Naish Titan 120
  • Simmer Freemove 120 Pro
  • Fantic Gecko LTD Foil Edition 120
  • Goya Volar Pro 115
  • JP Super ride 116 Pro Edition
  • Tabou Rocket 115 LTD


jp super ride 2019

Fanatic gecko 2019


The boards volumes are very similar, and this allows to highlight the differences in terms of behavior, accessibility, and field of use, due to the other elements that distinguish the boards.

The boards were associated with three different ways of windsurfing: initiation, moderate freeriding, dynamic freeriding.

The first group includes the Naish Titan and the Simmer Freemove: they are compact boards and with an ultra-wide hull, which allow for a quick descent of the sail surface, and which prove to be stable. The Titan allows a relaxed sailing, with moderate sensations and speed. Technically it is the most affordable board.

The Simmer offers a similar, but slightly more nervous, behavior. Both are models that prefer medium-light wind conditions.


Tabou Rocket 2019

Tabou rocket 2019 2

 simmer freemovev3 2019

The Fanatic Gecko and the Goya Volar belong to the second category, and combine accessibility and sensations; they have more reasonable sizes. The Volar is more nervous; the Gecko is characterized by a legendary gliding performance, and in the Foil Edition, it allows you to widen the activities range with Foil sailing. These two boards prefer medium wind.

The Jp and the Tabou Rocket have a more dynamic character, and a narrower shape. They are aimed at more sporty riders, and suitable for a strong wind. The Jp Super Ride offers comfort, but at the same time good performances. It is the board that obtained the testers' preference.

The Rocket offers many sensations, with small board sizes. It is a strong wind board, to face the sea in all conditions.

To summarize, we highlight the boards evaluation with respect to the following aspects: accessibility, planing departure, control, comfort, performances.



The Naish Titan and the Simmer are the easiest and most accessible boards, the Jp and the Tabou the most technical ones. Similar evaluation, with regard to the gliding start (Naish and Simmer are the best).

Jp is the board that guarantees more control, Fanatic and Tabou those that are relatively worse positioned in this respect.

Jp is also the one that guarantees greater comfort to the rider, followed at a certain distance by Fanatic and Tabou (Simmer and Naish are the least comfortable ones). Jp and Tabou also win as for performances (last Naish, the others get an intermediate evaluation, more or less on an equal footing).

Have a good choice. Fabio Muriano

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