Andrea Cucchi (Point 7 Ceo) sent us this introduction to 2015 AC-One Zero racing sail, which was set up by Point 7 girls team. A sail with an engaging graphics, thought for speed and racing lovers.



Point 7 AC-One Zero sail introduction


Thought and designed by our #point7girl team, here is the first product delivered directly from the new Point-7  project.

A totally exclusive graphics which represents the lifestyle of our windsurfing girls. This sail is now available for all the windsurfing girls who love speed and racing.

All sizes are available. 

Lena Erdil Tur 333 (Redbull|Oakley) Vice World Champion 2014: ‘The new AC-1 girls edition has finally arrived and I couldn’t be happier! I have been training with the Black Team here in Tenerife for the past month using 2014 and 2015 Point7 sail. Training with the guys has been really challenging but I think it really helped me push my limits. Having my new girly sails now is so exciting and even though the only difference this year are the beautiful colours, the 2015 AC-1 is a lot lighter and has already helped me improve my speed! At the same time I have had a chance to get a better idea of how the team works on the development of future sails and am really looking forwards to help develop the Girl edition making it even more catering towards women needs. I think the development of windsurfing in general has been really favourable for the girls side of things, equipment has become lighter and easier to use, especially the entry level equipment! With point7 we are now taking things a step further and will be developing high performance race sails for girls, I think it’s a very important step and hope it will motivate more girls to join us on the professional race scene ! For more windsurfing girls related tips, tricks and the latest developments on our new sail range you can follow us at #point7girls.


Andrea Cucchi: ‘It’s the first product that we are now launching with the new #point7girls project. We had a lot of fun to communicate and develop the new lifestyle look for this AC-1 edition. We also designed girls’ clothing and of course another sail range to surprise you very shortly. Lena and the other girls are now with us in Tenerife bringing new ideas to fit even more their needs. I believe that the light weight of the sails this year, the little back hand pressure of the sail, is already a big advantage also for lighter weight sailors.’

Point 7

Ph by Bj Production.


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