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Windsurf wave boards are designed to offer the best performance among the waves, and in jumps. But the conditions that characterize waveriding spots can be very different, and may require boards with specific features. To help you know 2020 products peculiarities, we summarize some results of the tests conducted by the magazine Windmag.

Windsurfing: waveboard tests 2020

As always, for all the details and insights, we invite you to purchase the March 2020 issue of the magazine. Read also the article on the tests of the wave boards 2019.

The boards volumes tested, this year, range between 76 and 85 liters; they are to ones that can be used as unique boards with sails of less than 5,0 square meters; i.e., these are boards for strong wind conditions.

The boards were tested with winds of intensity from 15 to 40 knots, with side off, side, and side on directions. As for the spots, the tests were carried out in Southern France (La Coudouliere, Carrò, Les Sablettes, Californie), on the French Atlantic coast (La Torche), and in Scarborough, South Africa.

The models tested are the following:

  1. Av Boards Dynamo Wave 78,
  2. Fanatic grip Te 82,
  3. Goya Custom 3 Pro 81,
  4. Goya Custom 4 Pro 84,
  5. Naish Assault 85,
  6. Quatro Cube Pro 82,
  7. Quatro Pyramid Pro 82,
  8. RRD hardcore Wave 86,
  9. Severne nano 82,
  10. Simmer Style flywave 78,
  11. Starboard Ultrakode flax balsa 76,
  12. Tabou da Bomb 84,
  13. Tabou Da Curve 76.


Starboard Windsurfing 2020 Ultrakode FlaxBalsa Studio 01



2020t Banner Action DACURVE 01



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2020   Starboard   UltraKode   86   Carbon Reflex   01 900x600

2020 Boards custom4 action1@2x


Finally, as far as maneuverability is concerned, the Quatro Pyramid and the Tabou Da Curve detach, quite clearly, all the others, which however show equivalent and medium level performances.

Ultimately, the testers showed a preference for the Fanatic Grip (model already very popular in recent years), the Goya Custom 4, and the Simmer Style Flywave.

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