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Making exciting every day, requires a lot of work, and resources. But the success that you are acknowledging to us, pushes us to move forward, and to improve our website and your experience....


If you are windsurfing and water sports addicted, support waterwind

However, we need your support to keep the site alive, and, above all, to enrich it further, by developing new ideas.

On, you, already, find many exciting windsurfing report, about the sessions that we, or other riders, carried out. You will also find unique, and detailed reviews of the spots, as well as instructional articles on maneuvers, and other useful tips.

Keeping alive has some costs (hosting, software and tools purchasing), and requires many hours of work. Also, as you may have noticed, to make our site more even compelling, from now on, we will publish articles written by experienced windsurfers from around the world (reports, spots reviews, didactical tips), recognizing them a fair compensation for the work they do. will always remain a real and virtual community, open to all, with free access to part of the contents. For our supporters, however, we will add value, by allowing them to access to our whole reports, or to selected contents (experienced riders reports, didactical articles, e.g. Fuerte wave spots guide), and arranging for the nearest ones some selected Events (meetings with shapers, manifacturers, products introductions, etc.). In addition, our supporters will be entitled to receive, at no additional cost, high-resolution pictures taken by us during the windsurfing sessions, performed together on the same spot.

We ask you, therefore, to become our SUPPORTER, with one of the following contributions:

- Supporter-Bronze: annual, 9 euros;

- Supporter-Silver: annual, 16 euros;

- Supporter-Gold: annual, 25 euros;

Non experienced riders, who will send us at least one article (600 words minimum), with photographic material suitable for publication, and relating to their sessions, or spots reviews, will be entitled to a free annual subscription (in exchange for the transfer of all rights of the article).

To become our SUPPORTER, register on, if you have not yet an account (IF YOU ARE ALREADY REGISTERED, AFTER LOGGING IN, ENTER INTO THE REGISTRATION PAGE, TO MODIFY YOUR ACCOUNT). When filling out the registration form, you will have the chance (the last part of the form) to choose the type of contribution which to support us with (you can also register without choosing a contribution, and opting for a FREE account, but doing so, you will not have the right to access to contents  reserved only to supporters).

If you are already registered, to become also our SUPPORTER, log in, and then enter into the registration page (in the website menu, click on register). In the page that will open, you will see, at the bottom of your profile data, the possibility to choose the type of contribution with which to support us.

The payment may be made, preferably, by means of PayPal (if you don't have a PayPal account, however, click the PayPal button, and you will have the option of paying by credit card), or, exceptionally, by bank transfer (button under the Paypal one). Anyway, if you have problems with these payment methods, write us.

Your support will give us the strength to implement new ideas. We remind you, finally, that you can always help us to let our website to be well known, by purchasing one of our Gadgets.

Let's keep on surfing together!

Hang Loose. staff


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