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We arrived in Porto Pollo with some doubt that it was a spot too challenging for us, still not much expert. On the other hand, the spot proved to be very safe and funny, because there is always  land downwind (and, usually, it is a sandy beach...), except when the wind blows from the South.


Windsurf session: Porto Pollo (Sardinia, Italy)

We were there in June, and it proved to be a very good idea, because there were few people . The water is still a bit  cold (we used the long wetsuit), but it is not at all a problem to ride (maybe it is, if you want to take a bath as " tourist "). Maybe people from the North, used to lower temperatures, will laugh reading these last words. 

During our holiday week, the wind didn't lack, although we also had a few days of calm. We had two days with winds of 20 knots, two with the wind at 30-35 knots, and two with wind around 10 knots. Conclusions? We needed all the sails we had, including a 7 meter , and , if we had , it would also serve an 8 meter (those who had that, were the only ones who could get planning with 10 nodes). At 35 knots , of course , we used 4.7 .

The wind was almost always from West/South-West, and in such conditions , with 30 Knots, waves of 1 meter rise in Porto Liscia, close to the strip of sand that divide this bay from that of Porto Pollo, with great entertainment for those who like to jump (not conditions to do waveriding ). In the bay of Porto Pollo , downwind to the isthmus , flat water with a wind from that direction ( a bit more gusty on this side ) .

We took some lessons at the Sporting Club Sardinia , and we enjoyed it , both for the rental ( Rrd and Starboard boards, Simmer Sails ), and for lessons. Big Alessio , our instructor from Tuscany , made us get very tired with lots of exercises , and even took jokes of us for some of our habits, tipical of lake windsurfers, but at the end he managed to make us look semi-serious windsurfers .

On the same beach , there is also the school of Michael Bouwmeester , another good alternative for the rental and lessons ( for details , see the section on schools of Waterwind ) .

For further informations, if you want to go there, please contact us. We will help you as we can.

Have Fun, Fabio Muriano


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