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Lots of guys told me that Funtana Meiga, in the Sinis Peninsula, in Sardinia, was a real playground. At the end of October, I finally got the opportunity to have two sessions in this spot, which confirmed all the best expectations.


Windsurf session: Funtana Meiga (Sardinia), 29-30/10/2017 

Session technical data:

29 october 2017 

Wind: Mistral (NW), about at 25 kts.

Water surface: clean and regular waves, good for surfing, with height between 1 and 2 meters.

Sail: Ezzy Elite 4,7 2015

Board: Fanatic Triwave TE 86 2013, with a thrusther set.

Rider's weight: 70 kgs

Clothing: 4/3 long wetsuit, surf shoes, bare hands and head.



DSC 0189


30 october 2017 

Wind: Mistral (slightly with a west direction), about at 20 kts.

Water surface: clean and regular waves, good for surfing, with height between 1 and 2,5 meters.

Sail: Ezzy Tiger 5,5 2013

Board: Fanatic Triwave TE 86 2013, with a trusther set.

Rider's weight: 70 kgs

Clothing: 4/3 long wetsuit, surf shoes, bare hands and head.


DSC 0250

DSC 0443



The image of the waves lip that tries to chase me, as I ride it, do the bottom, and look back, to get ready for the cutback, still reappears in my mind. Waveriding is a drug, and now this image has become my recurring dream ....

The arrival at Funtana on Sunday morning (October 29th) at 9.00 was a pleasure in itself.

With my friend Andrea, we drove along the beautiful roads (during this time, with no traffic), crossing the countryside in the inland of the Sinis peninsula, and we reached the parking area, on the coastal dune that goes down to the sea, right on the spot. The atmosphere immediately seemed to me right one: the parking area was partially occupied by vans and cars of local windsurfers, but also and mostly coming from the rest of Italy (Tuscany and northern Italy, mainly), and North Europe (Germany, and Austria, mainly) as well. Sardinia, especially out of season, is still wild enough to give that wonderful "on the road" trip feeling, with chance to be in touch with majestic and powerful nature.

DSC 0209


On the spot, on Sunday, we met our friends Thomas from Munich, and Sergio from Monza, who slept right on the spot (Sergio in a tent!). The first images of the spot were immediately thrilling and reassuring at the same time.

In addition to the beauty of the stretch of coastline, closed to the south by the wonderful San Giovanni Sinis beaches, a good mistral (NW wind), still not strong (but expected to increase, according forecasts), welcomed us, promising a fun day. In addition, the waves already looked pretty good: finally, not the usual messy waves of many Mediterranean spots, where you have stormy sea; There you had smooth, regular and of the right height waves, that were present in many areas of the spot. Last but not least, the warmth of the magnificent sunny day did the rest to let us feel good. In short, we entered the water without particular anxieties, wanting to test our abilities, and throwing ourselves into that God's gift ... The first riders entered at 9.30, with sails just over 5 meters. They were able to enjoy some good waves in blessed loneliness. To avoid sail changing, I preferred to wait

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Finally, Funtana Meiga came to my heart, and along with Gruissan, La Coudouliere, and San Teodoro, I put it in my spots collection where the session quality is assured.

Hang. Fabio


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The video of Sunday and Monday sessions


A video of a very good freestyler, that was at Funtana on those days





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