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There are famous spots, which often do not deserve the reputation they enjoy, and others, often unknown to most people, which can be much more valid.
What we often imagine as an ideal spot is the one that gives a great windy day, and maybe an exceptional wave session, but it is more enjoyable a spot that guarantees predictability and stability of the wind conditions, with high percentages of good days.With this in mind, I would like to speak about Reggio Calabria, or, rather, about the Calabrian coast on the Strait of Messina.

Menorca is not famous as a main destination for windsurfing holiday, but it offers some good spots, where you can enjoy nice sessions if you happen to come there. We tried the spot of Fornells, in the North part of the island, and so we will basically report on that spot. But we will also give some tips about other place where to ride.

The spots reviews posted on Waterwind are unique! They are based on direct experience of those who have tried the spots, and are full of helpful advice: winds blowing at the spot, water surface conditions, sea bottom, and kind of beach; areas where to park, places where to eat and where to stay for the night.

Albenga is located on a flood plain, and unlike other places in Liguria, here the Apennines mountans are not close to the coast. This allows the spot to work with different wind directions.

Stintino is a well-known tourist resort in Sardinia. The local Gian Lorenzo Loria sent us this accurate review of the windsurf spot, which we gladly publish.

The spot of San Pere Pescador, in Costa Brava, Spain, is quite famous (a round of the PWA has just been held here). It is placed in correspondence with a huge bay with orientation to the East, with a white, deep and infinite, sandy beach. We checked the spot with Tramontana wind, which blows side shore, here, and we thought that the good reputation is deserved.

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