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Like many of you, I am constantly looking for destinations for my mountain hikings. I then thought of building a map on Google Maps with all the trekking locations I know, to summarize and share all the tracks I enjoyed.


The map of hiking destinations


In the Waterwind section dedicated to hiking, you will find many descriptions of the itineraries we have tried in recent years. Our articles contain detailed information on the length and difficulty of the itineraries, on the logistics, and on the beauty of the views and landscapes you can enjoy.

But it can undoubtedly be convenient to have a map available, to consult quickly, and on the basis of which to choose the next destination for your trip, depending on the distance from the place of departure.





Below, we share the map we created with the hikings paths and related infos. The map is constantly updated.

If you want to collaborate in updating and developing the map, send us an email with the name of the reference point (mountain top, departure location, hut, or peak to reach), possibly with the coordinates of the starting point of the hiking; if you want, attach the GPS track of your trek, and other information you consider useful.

Let's build together a useful tool for everyone!

Enkoy your trip!




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