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For some time, I had promised myself to explore the Maggia Valley, north of Locarno, in Canton of Ticino, in Switzerland. Last Saturday, also to escape the torrid heat of the plain near Milan, I finally seized the opportunity, trekking from Cimalmotto to Alpe Magnello in the Campo valley. And it was love at first sight!


Trekking: Cimalmotto - Alpe Magnello, Maggia valley, Switzerland. A day in paradise!


The Locarno area is truly a beautiful territory, which offers culture, suggestive villages and cities, fascinating lake and mountain environments.

North of Locarno, there are two beautiful valleys, Verzasca and Maggia valleys. The latter is the largest valley in Canton Ticino. The valleys give the possibility to have fun with multiple activities. In the valley floor, the rivers offers the possibility of cooling baths on hot summer days, in bends with sandy banks, and basins of clear and emerald water. The mountains slopes allow you to venture into a thousand excursions suitable for all tastes and levels, including the possibility of admiring the Basòdino glacier, the largest in Canton of Ticino, in the upper Maggia Valley.

After having already been years ago in Verzasca valley, and more recently walking around the hills above Locarno, on Saturday 18 June 2022, I escaped from the 35 degrees of Monza, where I live, and I came to deepen my knowledge of this territory, following the itinerary from Cimalmotto to Alpe Magnello, in the Campo valley, which is a side valley of the Val Maggia.

To reach the starting point of the itinerary, from Locarno you go up in Val Maggia up to Cevio (a village worth a visit for its historic buildings). From here, turn west, and go up following the signs for Campo Valle Maggia, which you pass to get to Cimalmotto (1343 meters above sea level). The road that goes up to Valle di Campo is winding, at times, but in good maintenance conditions, and therefore passable by car without problems. Beware of possible downhill cyclists!

At Cimalmotto, park in the convenient parking area where the bus stop is located (see our map in the article). It is also possible to reach the locality by public transport, if you are staying in Locarno and its surroundings, by carefully consulting the timetables.

From the parking lot, you can start walking along the itinerary following the paved road that originates on the south side; or, if you want to take a look at the center of the village, you can go up towards the church, and then go down again on the paved road, mentioned above, which goes around the village from the south.

From Cimalmotto, with a simple excursion, you can also reach the refuge "La Reggia", where you can eat and stay overnight.

The first part of the itinerary is slightly up and down along the road that leads to the skilfully and magnificently restored huts, scattered around the village. This first part is really pleasant, and make you get mentally involved in the scenery of the valley.


Trekking Cimalmotto Valle Maggia Locarno 008

Trekking Cimalmotto Valle Maggia Locarno 001

Trekking Cimalmotto Valle Maggia Locarno 004 

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From here, a stretch begins that gently loses altitude, and which mostly descends into the woods, except for the initial part, which cuts through a steep slope (be careful if you are with small children). You then pass by the Coppini farm (be careful to the dog...), to then definitively exit the woods, and spot the meadows around the first houses of Cimalmotto.

Once you reach the paved road again, you can follow it up to the village; or follow the tracks through the meadows, and pass, as we did, by the Agriturismo Munt La Reita, for a pleasant break.



Trekking Cimalmotto Valle Maggia Locarno 010

Trekking Cimalmotto Valle Maggia Locarno 011


In just over an hour of descent, you are back at the car (for a total of approximately 10 kms). The itinerary is suitable for everyone, even families with children, as long as they are already used to overcoming modest height differences.

We have discovered a paradise, and we plan to return often for our future excursions.

Have a nice walk.

Fabio Muriano

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