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The Revellata Cap, in Corse, near Calvi, is a tongue of red granite that plunges into the emerald sea of ​​this fascinating island. We explored it with a very exciting trek.


Trekking: Revellata Lighthouse, Corse


I hadn't been back to Corsica for 30 years, and I almost forgot how beautiful this island was. As a young guy, I had done the complete tour by bicycle, and it had been a fascinating experience.

The trek to Punta della Revellata was enough to immediately remind me of the magic of this land, a mountain in the middle of the sea.

On a sunny and windy April day, we set off from the car park along the D81B (see map below), a few kilometers west of Calvi.

Two pillars, the remains of an ancient gate, mark the beginning of the dirt road that leads to the Revellata lighthouse, the destination of our itinerary.

We immediately leave the road to take a track that allows us to cut several hairpin bends and shorten the route. We will find the road again shortly after, to abandon it again further on, taking a slightly downhill path that leads to the Plage de L'Alga (about 1 km from the start). The track runs through meadows and flowering shrubs and bushes. It's spring, nature is awakening. It is a succession of blooms: Cistus salvifoliis and Cistus of Crete, Lavandula, various mesembs, and broom. An intense green dominates the scene, and once again it confirms that you have to come to these islands out of season.


Trekking Revellata Corsica 001

Trekking Revellata Corsica 002

Trekking Revellata Corsica 003




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We mainly follow the road to the end, except for some brief shortcuts.

The sun and the wind stunned us a bit. But they will guarantee that natural tiredness that will give us a childish restful sleep.

After a little more than two hours of walking, we return to the car again, with our minds full of images that we will remember with pleasure for a long time.

Corse is truly a paradise for trekkers and we advise you to explore it!

Have a nice walk. Fabio Muriano


Below the complete slidegallery of the excursion (or click here), and the video that recap our trekkings in Corse during april 2023.



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