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I often happen to search for new destinations and new tracks to go cross-country skiing. I then thought of building a map on Google Maps with all the tracks I know, with some tips for rentals, or schools you can find in the area.


The map of cross-country skiing tracks


Furthermore, a lot of information is reported here on Waterwind. Our articles contain detailed information on the length and difficulty of the tracks, on logistics, and on the schools where you can take lessons, or the shops where you can rent.

But it can undoubtedly be convenient to have a map available, to consult quickly, and on the basis of which to choose your next track for skiing, depending on the distance from the place of departure.




Below, we share the map we created with the tracks locations and related infos. The map is constantly updated.

If you want to collaborate in updating and developing the map, send us an email with the name of the ski area, possibly with the coordinates of the starting point of the track, or of the cross-country center; if you want, attach the GPS track of the track you enjoyed, and the internet address of the rental center or ski school.

Let's build together a useful tool for everyone!

Enjoy your skiing!




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