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The "Sentier des douaniers" is a famous trekking itinerary that develops along Capo Corso, the northern tip of Corsica, the so-called "finger". It can be covered over several days, and leads from Macinaggio to Centuri.


Trekking: Macinaggio - Santa Maria Tower (Sentier des douaniers, Cape Corse)


We have explored the first section, from Macinaggio to the scenic Torre Santa Maria, and to the suggestive Cala Genovese.

Corsica always brings back to me very pleasant memories of my youth. In 1990, I toured it entirely by bicycle, and the uphill road from Macinaggio to reach the pass that leads to Centuri was the first demanding ascent of that beautiful trip.

For our trek, we reach Macinaggio following the coastal road from Bastia which already allows us to admire some remarkable views. Macinaggio is a small village, but with an important tourist port, because many sailors arrive here to reach Corsica from France and Italy. We leave the car in the large parking lot near the port, and head towards the beach north of the village (Macinaggio bay), where the path begins (see our map below and complete slidegallery).

At the end of the beach, you have two options: the first, on the right, is the coastal path, which leads to Torre Santa Maria in 45 minutes; the second, on the left, is the shortcut that passes inside, and reaches the tower in 20 minutes. 

On the outward journey, we follow the route along the coast, to enjoy the panoramas along the walk; on the way back, we will shorten the route, walking through the beautiful countryside (see again our track).


 Trekking Sentiero Doganieri Corsica 003

Trekking Sentiero Doganieri Corsica 001



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You can stop here for a break to refresh ourselves, or you can continue to the two beautiful beaches that are located shortly after: Cala Genovese, or Cala Francese. We stopped at the first one with extreme satisfaction! On 9 April 2023, Easter day, few trekkers, like us, were able to enjoy the quiet of this enchanting inlet.

As mentioned, the return can take place by cutting inside, and returning to Macinaggio in about half an hour. The path for the return branches off to the right (towards SE), at Rada Santa Maria, after 6.5 km from the start, and allows you to pass through the simple but pleasant Chapel of Santa Maria.

Continue in the middle of the beautiful countryside, on a wide path, and without particular gradients, first reaching the Tamarone beach and then the Macinaggio one, where the route ends (about 10 km, just over two hours).

This first taste only makes you want to walk the whole path up to Centuri, perhaps organizing to sleep in a tent along the way.

Have nice walk. Fabio Muriano

Here, below, the whole slidegallery of the track (or, click here), and the video that recap our trekkings in Corse during April 2023




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