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The top of Mount Bregagno is one of the most beautiful panoramic balconies of the Pre-Alps around Lake Como. We tell you about our ascent, starting from the Mount Breglia.


Trekking: Mount Bregagno, Lake Como Pre-Alps


The ascent of a peak always has an added value: the satisfaction for the accomplished goal, the aerial sensation that the peaks give, the panorama that can be admired...

I had climbed, as a young (over twenty years ago), to the top of Mount Bregagno, on the western side of Lake Como, in winter conditions (February). And that day's excursion left me with good memories.

So, admiring the snowy peak from below, during my driving to Engadine, I decided to repeat the ascent.

I started from the "Monti di Breglia", and more precisely from the dirt parking lot in that locality (see our map below), reachable from Breglia, through a toll road (column for payment at the beginning of the road). I highly recommend starting from here (altitude 1084 meters), to reduce the height difference a bit, given that the overall excursion is not short


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The visibility all around has been improving more and more, allowing me to enjoy the incredible panorama that this peak offers: Mount Disgrazia, in Valtellina, evident towards NE, the Badile and the Cengalo (and I also glimpsed the Ago di Sciora ), to the north; always to the north, the valleys and peaks of the northernmost part of the Lake Como pre-Alps, towards the San Jorio Pass and the Marmontana (read the article in italian); to the west, Lake Lugano, and the backdrop of superimposed mountains, highlighted by the warm light of the winter afternoon; below towards the East, and South, the whole Lake Como, with Legnone, peeping out above the clouds (which instead have hidden from me the view of the Grigne, like Mount Rosa, and the Swiss Alps, to the West).

I must say, however, that the not perfectly clear sky perhaps gave me an even more suggestive panorama, compared to what I would have admired on a clear day: here and there there were exciting plays of light and shadow (see complete slidegallery).

Trekking Bregagno Como 1 

After some hot tea and a few energy bars, I started the descent walking mostly on snow, in a safe and very enjoyable way: the heels of my boots sank just right into the snow; now, after the new snowfall, it will be better to wait for the new snow cover to settle. Or I cut through meadows, walking on the soft grass cover, under a beautiful sun, and an increasingly clear sky at higher altitudes.

I reached Sant'Amate again, and then I went back down the same path of the climb, up to the parking lot.

And here fatigue emerged, highlighting, alas, the years that have passed since the previous excursion as a young man.... But I still defend myself and hold on. To descend from the top, a little more than two hours are sufficient.

This excursion was really needed, to recharge my batteries, emotionally and psychologically. I will jealously keep the beautiful memory of this day in the drawer of my memory (and maybe I will go back to the summit of Bregagno again).

Good walk. Fabio


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