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The ascent to Preikestolen, Pulpit Rock, Norway is a classic hike that leads you to admire an iconic Norwegian panorama, above the Lysefiord.  


Trekking: Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock), Stavanger, Norway


We made the excursion during our holidays in August (2022), in Norway (see also the report of the trekking in Bergen, and the Nigardsbreen glacier, in italian at the moment).

The trek does not involve overcoming particular technical difficulties, and requires only a minimum of training. But if you cannot walk through the itinerary out of season, in summer we strongly advise you to come here in the early morning, or not before 4.00 pm, to savor a bit of that wilderness that the place can offer, otherwise suffocated by the intrusiveness and from the noise of the crowds of tourists queuing on the path.

The excursion starts from the parking lots near the Preikestolenlytta (326 meters above sea level), which can already be full in the middle of the day in summer, with the employees, at the beginning of the access road, inviting you to come back later. The parking price is 250 kroner (2022), which is in line with Norwegian standards, regardless of the length of stay.

The trail is well mapped out, and well maintained throughout. A series of stones and slabs have been artfully placed along the entire route, with admirable work, to facilitate the journey. In the swampy parts, there are wooden bridges and walkways. The route continues uphill, with several stretches, facilitated by stone steps, and short flat stretches where you can breath a while. However, nothing extreme. At 3/4 of the way, there is a wooden shelter, where you can take refuge in case of bad weather


 Trekking Preikestolen Norvegia 001

Trekking Preikenstolen Norway 003

Trekking Preikenstolen Norway 001

Trekking Preikenstolen Norway 004

Trekking Preikenstolen Norway 005


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In the final part of the climb, the panorama begins to open up on the surrounding mountains, and on the Lysefiord. Norway's nature is fascinating. The human presence in the landscape is rather rarefied, if not absent.

With a good pace, in 1.5 hours you reach the Pulpit (651 meters above sea level).

Forbidden to suffer from vertigo. The 600 m drop above the fjord is truly impressive.

After the inevitable photos, along the same route, you return to the car parks in just over an hour.

Going down, you will be able to appreciate the glimpses towards the most open part of the fjords, around the town of Stavanger.

Have a good excursion. Fabio


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