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Once again, the Engadine was my natural recharge. The excursion from Capolago, Maloja, to the Lunghin Pass was a show of visions and sensations.


Trekking: from Maloja to the Lunghin Pass (Engadine)

Since a lot of time, I had desired to climb the Lunghin pass, an exceptional watershed between the Danube, the Rhine and the Po rivers, or rather between the Black Sea, the North Sea and the Adriatic sea. I've waited impatiently for the snow at high altitudes to melt adequately, and on 15 June 2023 I left Monza, where I live, for Maloja (1 hour and 45 minutes by car). The excursion gave me almost unimaginable emotions, and will remain impressed in my mind and heart for a long time, like many others around here.

To start the excursion (see the map below in the article), I parked the car in the convenient dirt parking at Capolago. The path starts right at the parking lot. The gaze inevitably went towards the opposite Lake Sils shore, where the Maloja campsite at Plaun Curtinac is located, and where it is my habit to spend unforgettable summer weekends in my tent....

Initially, the path to the pass is the same as the one for Blaunca and Grevasalvas (another unmissable destination in these parts - read articles on Up to the Lunghin lake, the excursion is not technically demanding, even in late spring. Beyond the lake, I had to cross several snowfields to get to the pass, and therefore I recommend it only with adequate equipment and training. In the middle of summer, however, there are no technical difficulties, and only good training is required (the overall altitude difference is almost 850m).

The path initially climbs with a steep and gradual, but not extreme slope, up to an important crossroads at an altitude of 1975 meters (about 30 minutes). Here comes the path from the village of Maloja, while continuing towards ENE you take the one for Grevasalvas, and continuing towards ONO you head towards the lake and the Lunghin pass. From here, the track continues with an increasingly steep slope, and with several hairpin bends, in the midst of rhododendrons and blueberries, and allows you to admire on the left (West) a young Inn torrent that descends impetuously from the slope, and with a beautiful waterfall to admire against the sunlight.



Trekking Maloja Lunghin Engadina 004




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Very calmly, pointing my trekking poles well so as not to tire my knees, I descended to the valley and returned to the car, with a magnificent feeling of joy for the day spent and for the beautiful excursion.

Don't mind my trip times (see my gps), especially downhill, as I have deliberately adopted a slow pace, to better enjoy the magic of the place.

Thanks again Engadine. We will see each other once again very soon. 

Grüezi mitenand. Fabio  


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