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Luckily, we have Federico Morisio (I-676), sharing this amazing video shot in Sardinia, who keeps us happy, and still makes us dream of being in the water doing some windsurfing in the waves (but also feeling some reasonable envy ...).


Windsurfing: Federico Morisio in Sardinia (2020) - First episode

Federico, after having traveled around the world in search of waves in last few years (read his report written for us, about his experience at the Aloha Classic 2019), this autumn, discovered Sardinia, and, with this first video, tells us how is it going.

In the video (see at the end of this article), Federico says that this is his first time on the Island for windsurfing, and that the conditions offered by the various spots are thrilling him, together with the beauty of the breathtaking natural scenery, although he has to drive a little to reach the different spots. 

In this first video (but others are coming) , we see him in action in Marina delle Rose, a spot that we love (read our spot review, and the article about our session there in June 2020), and in Cala Pischina.

Marina delle Rose is, perhaps improperly, considered more a spot for jumping than for waveriding. The video actually shows that in Marina you can close both nice back loops, as Federico skillfully does, and surf the waves, even with some aerials! The wind, in fact, blows side on / side, depending on the day, and Federico confirms, as we personally experienced, that the spot offers nice big waves 150 meters from the shore, excellent for jumping, and surfable waves, smaller and steep, but still of good size, near the beach.

The rest is done by the majesty of the natural landscape, still wild (out of season), which opens the heart, and makes you happy, just for being in such a magical place. The shots from the drone are eloquent.

The icing on the cake is the friendliness and enthusiasm of Federico who enjoys life, and his twenty years, and works hard, training a lot, to become a higher level windsurfer.


Windsurf Federico Morisio Sardegna 3 

Windsurf Federico Morisio Sardegna 2

Windsurf Federico Morisio Sardegna



The second part of the video was shot in another mythical spot, a little further north, Cala Pischina, where Federico enjoys a good session at sunset, without being able to do many clips due to the unfavorable light conditions.

At the end of the video, we see a Federico rightly, but pleasantly, tired! We imagine that many of his days in Sardinia ended like this.

We look forward to the next promised videos.

Stay tuned!.


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