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Three days of amazing waverding in Sardinia. Alessio Negrelli, rider from Modena, almost naturalized Sardinian... , sent us this engaging report of the windsurfing sessions in Alghero, Chia and Funtana Meiga on 22, 23, and 24 January 2021, with fantastic waves.


Windsurf, report: Alghero, Chia e Funtana Meiga - Sardegna (22-24 gennaio 2021)

2021 windsurfing season opened, in the best way (even if a little late).

Friday 22: Alghero, one of the longest swells in the Mediterranean; you surf the wave one km from the shore, at the height of the Maddalenetta lighthouse. It was not the epic condition, but Alghero proved to be a consistent spot, for hours spent in the water, jumping and surfing; according to me, the spot that I prefer at the moment. Sails from 3.7 to 4.0, 3 meters waves, side / side on wind direction. After almost two months of not doing a serious session, I spent just four hours in the water. I had to go out for blisters in my hands, but I attached some nice lips, even trying some aerials!


Windsurf Chia 01


Saturday 23: the storm from the west divided us between north and south. I opted for Chia .. which turned out to be a real show, with very clean and glassy waves, from 2 to 3 meters, sideoff wind, stuff from porn movies .... But Chia is like this, with a storm from the west that starts from Tarifa, it gives oceanic waves !! But ... challenging. Difficult to find the exit corridor, and the gusty wind certainly does not make it easy to overcome these wind-brushed bars.
3.7 / 4.2 Sails. Nice to see the pros shooting stellar aerials (Jacopo Testa above all). For us, human beings, it was nice to surf down the line perfect waves!

Sunday 24: West wind all night long, with a change of direction to Mistral during the morning. I decide to move to Oristano, in particular to Funtana Meiga; I arrive on the spot in mid-morning, I'm the first.
Messy sea and strong wind, still quite on shore .... The hours pass and the condition improves, the waves nebulize on the lip, the wind becomes fresh, better quite strong! Mistral has entered! 3.3 and 71, and I am out at sea. There are buildings outside, and it's not the usual Funtana, tidy and with a lot of period between one wave and the next... It's a real rodeo! I enter the water with some Sardinian friends, the fight goes on. I surf a few waves, I catch some in my head, and after just over an hour the wind drops and I find myself floating. It was not easy to return, but everything is ok; this time nothing was broken.

Sardinia is a real heritage for us, windsurfers, real waves and unique landscapes.

Aloha. Alessio

Below is a slidegallery of Chia and Funtana Meiga sessions. The photos Alessio sent us are by Silvia Vannini and Carlo Pisano. 

On January 31 Chia granted another epic day. Click here to see the photos.


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