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It was a little bit of time since I had not surfed at Abbadia Lariana (Southern Como Lake). Today, the spot gave us a great day with Foehn wind at 35 knots. Challenging and serious conditions, but with a lovely sunny weather and 21 °C!


Windsurf session: Abbadia Lariana (Como Lake) 


Another session among plenty of job and family duties.... I get out of office, eat a sandwich, and leave from Monza at 12,30, pointing towards Abbadia. At Dervio, Simone, a friend of mine already on that spot, says that wind reaches 50 knots, and rises aerosols from the water surface. Too much!

When I arrive at Abbadia, with the anemometer I measure 30 knots on gusts which last for a long while. So, I rig my old Neil pryde zone 4,1 (I have to take a decision and buy that 2014 Ezzy Tiger 4,2 sold at special price....). For the board choice, no doubt, I prepare my Tabou 3s 86 liters. I meet lots of friends: Fabrizio and Alberto, Mirko, Paolo, Mario, Simone, Michele. Later Carlo, and Angelo join the group.


I get into water at 13,30. Conditions are not extreme, but tough. For my level, I find that the problem is not the strong wind, but the fact that it is not steady, and that makes the session more tiring. So I suffer a little on the lows with the 4,1. On the gusts, instead, it is really roaring. Anyway, if I succed in getting the correct stance, it is a great pleasure.... Speed on the gusts is really high. Practicing at Hyeres with 45 knots was very useful, even if I still have so much to learn...


Waves, today, are high for a lake. Some of them reach one meter. My Tabou 3s, once again, satisfies me.

Every now and then, I come back to the shore to rest for a while. I meet Paolo. We speak of fareaway spots.... Jeri, Maui, Fuerte.... 

At the spot, young and talented freestyler Matteo Romeo is in action, and it's a show... Enjoy his maneuvers, in the videos below...


At the 15,30, I have to go back home for family duties, but, once again, I leave from the lake with a smile on my face...

Aloha, Fabio






Enjoy the Whole slidegallery of the session.


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