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One of the best foehn caught at Lake Como... And with a pleasantly incredible temperature.... A windsurfing session in Abbadia Lariana, Lake Como, to remember.


Windsurfing, report: Abbadia Lariana, 23/06/2023. Foehn, 30, 30


The first 30 indicates the temperature. And maybe it was even more than 30 Celsius degrees as far as the air is concerned. But the water temperature was also fantastic. The second 30 indicates the wind knots. Perhaps, in reality, they were something less (although, some gusts probably reached them).


Windsurf Abbadia Lago Como 004



But the best thing was the quality and durability. In the first part of the afternoon, to tell the truth, the wind was a bit unstable in Abbadia. But, then, from 3.30 pm onwards it relaxed better and better, making my outing in the second part of the afternoon simply lustful...

And once he got in well, the wind lasted forever, with someone getting out of the water at 21.00. What a beautiful summer!

I went out with the Ezzy Elite 4,2 2019 and the Tabou Da Curve 80 2016, then replaced with the Tabou 3S Plus 96 2019 (it would have been better to use the boards in reverse order).

I won't add anything else. Your attention in reading has already run out....

Ah, I forgot: Shorty wetsuit,  in the early afternoon, and 3/2 long at the end.

If you want, comment below (after the slidegallery).


Aloha. Fabio Muriano.


Below, you have the rich slidegallery of the afternoon


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