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After a sleepy spring time (African high pressure and hot climate arrived too early), Como Lake, this weekend, awakened, and gave us good windy days. A nice South-east at 20-25 knots, on Friday, and a Foehn wind from the North even at 30 knots on Saturday. What Else?


Windsurf session: Dervio (Como Lake), Strong Breva and Foehn wind


Technical data of the session of Friday, July 14:

Wind: South East (not a thermic breeze, but Bora rising up through the lake), constantly around 25 knots, in the central hours of the day; around 20 knots from mid afternoon.

Water surface: regular waves of 60-70 cm.

Vela: Ezzy Tiger 5,5 2013

Board: Tabou 3s LTD 106 2013

Rider weight: 70kg

Clothing: Shorty wtesuit  3/2


DSC 0039

DSC 0194




Technical data of the session, of Saturday, July 15:

Wind: Foehn (varying direction depending on the areas of the lake - NW at Cremia, NE at Dervio, more spreaded from the north at center of the lake, from mid afternoon); in the morning and early afternoon, around at 20 knots, from mid afternoon, around at 30 knots and more.

Water surface: almost flat in the morning; chop, sometimes irregular, of about 80 cm from mid afternoon.

Sail: Ezzy Tiger 5,5 2013 in the morning; Ezzy Elite 4.7 2015, in the afternoon.

Board: Tabou 3s LTD 106 2013 (set with MFC FSW fin 25, in the afternoon).

Rider weight: 70kg

Clothing: Shorty 3/2 in the morning; 3/2 m long wetsuit afternoon

Comments and impressions:  

The South East wind due to Bora wind (NE blowing on Northern Adriatic sea, which can turn form East and South East over Padana plain and then rises up through the lake) is one the most beautiful wind among those ones blowing over Como Lake. A fantastic steady wind, and which rises regular waves. So very funny water surface, and wind that gives you power in the sail without being tiring. For family commitments, on Friday I was able to reach Dervio only at 3:30 pm.

Anyway, I could enjoy a really funny hour of riding, during which I places some very nice fast backwinded tacks, with the body passage on the new side with the board still fully planing. Fast tacks on small boards, or with a wavy/choppy water surface should always be done this way! For lack of time, I have no photos of the day.

For Saturday, the forecasts gave Foehn wind from North, and so it was, though we had to wait. Early signs of Foehn entering at Dervio already at 9.30. Early in the morning, Foehn, however, entered "only" at twenty knots and in rather unpleasant on-off way, but I entered into the water, anyway with a 5.5, to have some practise, until a wind drop at about 13,00 (time to get a light lunch).

DSC 0004


DSC 0007


At 14.30, there were clear signs of a Foehn return, which soon seemed to blow again strongly.
At 15.30, I went back into the water again, with 5.5 and 106. I did half an hour, not imaging what then happened. After half an hour, I came back to the shore, because I no longer managed to keep the sail, and alos because I had a 32 fin that made me feel the board hard under my feet .... I changed my fin (MFC 25 FSW) and rigged 4.7. I went back to the water, and .... I was still overwpowered!!!!! In few words, between 16.30 and 19.00, I dreamed my 86 wave board and a 4.2, but the willing to make a new gear change was low .... So, taking advantage of the wide range of winds managed by Ezzy (while the board volume did not allow me to be flly in control, as I wanted), I stayed out with what I had.



DSC 0060

DSC 0086

DSC 0091

Tough conditions, both for the chop that required a good training (but that also allowed good jumps, which I more and more adore), both for the wind, really powerful, and not easy to handle if overpowered.


Good level of the riders in the water, with some freestylers to give a show (not pro maneuvers, but lots of elegance in the movements that I always admire).


DSC 0108

DSC 0110

DSC 0116

DSC 0122


DSC 0147

DSC 0157

DSC 0166

DSC 0167


DSC 0189


At 19.15, the myth came into the water: Andrea, who was finally released from family responsibilities, in the face of a total abstinence crisis, after our recent holiday at Gruissan, shot a two hours session at sunset, and until after 9 pm, remaining alone in the water to close jibes after jibes ..... Congratulations.


DSC 0200


We worthily closed the day at the Street Food Faire, con beers and some italian lovely food!


Aloha. Fabio


Click here, to enjoy the slidegallery taken with reflex camera.


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The video of the session

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