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Saturday 26 October 2019 will be another windsurfing day that we will remember on Lake Garda: the lake gave us a Peler wind at more than 30 knots, which we enjoyed at the Prà de la Fam, a spot that was completely sold out.

Going to Silvaplana is always a pleasure, expecially when you have 38°C, down in Milan, and you want to get some refreshment, together with some wind. On 5 of August, we enjoyed 15-17 kts, for an easy freeride session, there.

On April 8, 2017, at Pier we had a fantastic day of windsurfing! Ora wind at more than 25 knots, and sold out.

Noli is not our favorite spot, but yesterday it gave us a really pleasant and unexpected day, with quite a nice wind, and above all with a real taste of summer.

The second of december 2017 started under a snowfall .... but it continued at best, with a session in Cannes Palm Beach, a spot that I appreciate more and more, and that welcomed us with some wonderful waves conditions!

My first winter windsurfing session of the year in Como Lake. North wind of about 25-30 knots, 12°C degrees and sun. So the first has already been a very good one, with nice company of friends.

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