Session reports

Noli is not our favorite spot, but yesterday it gave us a really pleasant and unexpected day, with quite a nice wind, and above all with a real taste of summer.

Against all odds, Saturday, September 10, 2016, at Pra de la fam (Lake Garda), we had a very good session with a tense and long lasting Peler (early morning wind). And this fact teaches us definitively that you've always got to try, because windsurfing requires lots of patience, but the good session  is always around the corner.

Thursday, 24 January 2019, the coast of the Western Cape, in South Africa, was reached by a big swell, with waves that were even 4 meters high. The concomitant presence of the Cape Doctor, the famous South East wind often blowing over Cape Town, gave us some really amazing sessions. I went out in the morning at Sunset Beach, and in the afternoon at Big Bay, to discovered, then, that I had surfed in the middle of an incredible team of professional riders.

In summer time, Lake Garda offers wonderful days: sun, warm, unique views, and, above all, wind. 11 June 2017 was a typical windsurfing day at the Pier, with a beautiful Ora wind at about 25 knots.

Yesterday, 31st of march 2015, we have been to the mythical spot of Hotel Pier at Riva del Garda. We had an exceptional day, partially predicted, with Ora wind (the typical thermal Garda lake wind) that, at its best during the session, was to handle with a 4,2 full power......

I really have to thank my friend Andrea, the "doctor", who convinced me to have this "stolen" ride during the week .... It was a bit of time that we did not surf at Abbadia Lariana (Southern Como Lake), and today the spot offered us a beautiful North West wind at 35 knots..

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