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Great tris of Mistral (NW) wind for Waterwind windsurfing team, in Hyeres (France) from friday the 30th of january to sunday the 1st of february 2015. Three days of strong wind, in a real school for windsurfing!

When the first mists, and first grey autumn atmospheres begin to take over the Po valley, what's better than a nice trip to Liguria to enjoy the wind, and the clear light of a beautiful sunny day? If on the spot you also happen to meet, by chance, your friends, and you can enjoy a pleasant session with them, the alchemy is perfect!

It was a long time since I promised Adolfo to come and visit Cremia, on Lake Como, for a nice windsurfing day,  together, and today the promise has finally been kept. Midsummer day that allowed us to ride even bare-chested!

The call of the Coudouliere and a windsurfing session in the waves was irresistible. On Monday and Tuesday, we were in France, to catch the Mistral wind, brought by one of the few summer Atlantic disturbances. On Monday, La Coudou gave us wind all day long, and a really fun session, with the added value of absolutely pleasant temperatures.

Marin David, young French freestyler, went to Dakhla (South Morocco-Western Sahara) recently, and contacted us to share his nice video. Images clearly show a fantastic spot with flat water, windy, and sunny warm conditions, ideal for freestyle, and for freeride/slalom as well.

On August 5, 2015, with our windsurfing group, we went to Lake Silvaplana in Engadin (Switzerland). It was a wonderful day, which gave us a session of great satisfaction, with the added bonus of a magnificent natural scenery. The Engadin is a dream place that offers leisure occasions 365 days a year.


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