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A foehn wind, incredibly warm for the season, has blown up to over 30 knots on Como Lake, on Sunday 16th of March 2014. I went out in the spot of Dervio (near pier) , in the northern part of the Lake.

It was a weekend decidedly dominated by East winds in the Northern Mediterranean sea. Given the forecast, our winsurfing session group headed towards South of France, which offers many spots that also work with these winds. Forecasts confirmed, with intense wind, and still very good temperatures, and sunshine.

Having regained the freedom of movement among the different italian regions, after the Covid emergency, we did not think too much about organizing this trip and we immediately left for Sardinia. Also this time, the island, and in particular the spots of La Cinta in San Teodoro, and Marina delle Rose, gave us some wonderful windsurfing sessions, with waves, lots of wind and warm temperatures.

Finally, the wind is back at sea! On September 25, 2018, Bordighera (Liguria, Italy) gave us a morning with great conditions, and allowed us to enjoy a good session, full of wind, sun and waves, with a surprising end!

Hit and run in France for the weekend, to take a powerful mistral wind, less stable than usual, though. In addition to enjoying the usual beauty of the views, we took the opportunity to test some 2018 gear.

This first trip of mine to Oman has left me with so many images and thoughts in my mind, and in my heart. It was, undoubtedly, an unforgettable windsurfing experience with serious waves, but also a dip in the Arab world and in very particular desert landscapes, so different from those to which we are normally accustomed. Finally, it was a chance of meeting with many interesting people.

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