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For the first session of our three days trip to France, on 30/11/2017, we were at La Coudouliere. Coudou is always the Coudou ...., and even if not in perfect conditions, it was enough to get on the spot, to set our souls free .....

La Coudouliere (Six-Four Les Plages, South France) is one of the best renowned wave spots in Europe. On 14th of January 2017, NW wind up to 40 knots blew over the spot. I was there, and I could admire the young French talent, Loick Lesauvage (F780), only 16 year old, performing a show under my eyes. Also other very experienced riders in the spot.

We have been waiting for this day for weeks, and it has finally arrived. First weekend of opening at Pier, in Riva del Garda, and immediately a great day with Ora, worthy of the fame of this legendary spot. And, as if by magic, so many familiar faces have appeared at Pier.

It's been a good week for Bora Wind in Sottomarina (Venice, Italy), the last one just passed, between late September and early October 2015. In the first part, it gave a lot of wind (though not always optimal as direction and stability), and waves to jump and surf. In the second half, the waves have become smaller, but more regular, and the skies have been covered. But the fun was not missed.

When Garda Lake roars, it makes an impression. On Sunday, August 6, 2017, a powerful North East wind (Balì) swept all the lake up to the south spots, exceeding 40 knots, and raising waves of marine dimensions.

After the strong wind day of April 25th, Carró, on the 26th, gave us a chance to try the spot with west wind, at around 20 knots.

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