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Very strong North Wind in Abbadia Lariana (Como Lake), on the 14th of may 2014. All weather forecasts were in agreement in predicting three days of strong North wind on Como Lake. The 14th of may was the first of three, and it gave us a very good wind from the second part of the afternoon onwards. On gusts I measured 35 knots ashore; in the middle of the lake, probably, there was more...


Windsurf session: Abbadia Lariana (Como Lake)


Abbadia Lariana (lago di Como), Nord, 35 nodi

I arrive to the spot at two o'clock with Fabio and Enzo, my usual friends of these midweek windsurf sessions.

After a nice coffe to give us good charge, we study the situation and ask to another friend, Fabrizio, coming out of water in that time which sail to use. According to him, wind is increasing, and suggests to use a 4 - 4,2. With Fabio, we decide to mount my 4,1 and 4,7, and to exchange them during the sessions. Enzo equips a 4,3.

First 30 minutes are not good, indeed, because wind is not spread yet. Gusts lasts very little time, and with my 4.1 I have difficulty to sail upwind, while planing. Abbadia Lariana (Lago di Como), Nord a 35 nodi

The same goes for Enzo.

So I ask Fabio to lend me the 4,7 he is using. He says that he has problem to resist with it on strong gusts. I trim it better. Enzo changes to a 5.2.

That is the moment when the wind gets really strong and the show begins...

Wind, now, atomizes water on lake surface, and reaches more than 35 knots.... (see pictures on this page).

With my 4,7 (Point 7 Sado) I feel better, however, because I get a more stable planing. Now, my board (125 litres), instead, is too big. During some waterstarts, its nose gets completely lifted out water by wind.

The session, anyway, is good. For the first time, after falling, I start only waterstarting (it wuold be impossibile to do otherwise), even if I need to be faster in this maneuver.  Abbadia proves to be a good spot (read the review of the spot here).

After the last ride, at 17 o'clock, I say bye to my friends Fabio, and Enzo (a little bit tired, beacuse of his 5,2...).

Abbadia Lariana (lago di Como), Nord a 35 nodi

Few surfers remain in the water, the best ones, and they show tricks that you can admire in the pictures and in the video below.

Today I learned something more, and earned more experience in my windsurfer's career. Now, I need a good 90 litres Freestylewave Board!

To watch all the pictures of the day, click here.


Fabio Muriano


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The session video

(set resolution at 720p to watch video in HD)

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