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A week after riding at Urnersee (Switzerland) with the South Foehn, we had another chance to go out with the Foehn, this time coming from the North, and at the South of the Alps. Once again, it was a very strong wind session, even if not of the best quality. Awkward air temperature: 30 Celsius degrees in late october!



Windsurf, session report: Mandello del Lario (Lake Como), with strong foehn

For this session, I chose the spot of Mandello del Lario (lake Como).

I arrive on the spot around at 12.30. Upon my arrival, the wind is quite unstable, so much to make me doubt that it could be better to move to Dervio, in the northern part of the lake (then, I knew that even there the wind has been unstable, almost all day) .

I decide to wait a moment and understand the situation. Meanwhile, one thing immediately appears clear: the Foehn will give us a day with incredible temperatures for the period. My car thermometer, on my arrival on the lake, marks 30 Celsius degrees, and at 17.30, at my departure, it will mark 28!


Windsurf Mandello Lago Como 74

Windsurf Mandello Lago Como 61


Perceiving some instants of wind stability, I decide to rig: 4.7 and 106 (Tabou 3S 2013 LTD). While I am completing the preparation of the 4.7, my friend Michelino comes out from the water and tells me that he is properly powered with the 4.0. Change of program on the fly, and I start to rig the Ezzy Elite 4.2 2018. At 13.30, I enter into the water.

The first half hour is not funny: the wind is continuosly changing of intensity and direction, with moments when the 4.2 is almost too big, and others where you can not even get gliding. I go out of the water, and, together with the other riders, I comment that the wind is nasty. I take this opportunity to eat a sandwich.


Windsurf Mandello Lago Como 94

Windsurf Mandello Lago Como 130

Windsurf Mandello Lago Como 132




At about 14.30, I return to the water. The second part of the session is funnier. While the wind is not fully stabilized, the gusts are more durable, allowing to get more regular and longer planing rides, and to find the right measures in maneuver. The pleasant temperature (4/3 wetty, bare feet - but how hurting are the pebbles of Mandello beach - bare hands and head) makes it pleasant to stay in the water.

At about 15.30 pm, I leave the water, because the wind has entered strongly, and I start to feel the board too big. I prepare the Fanatic Quad 87 TE 2013, set with a Quad fins set up, and I go back into the water (I also sheet a little the 4.2 downhaul and outhaul). But, first, I shoot some photos. They come out really well, and they give a good idea of ​​the tough conditions of the final part of the day.

Now, the wind is almost completely spreaded all over the lake surface, but often it nebulizes the water surface from coast to coast ..... (therefore, we are around at 40 knots, more or less): there is no middle ground. I try to stay in the water for another 40 minutes, but it's a battle. I should change sail and go down to the 3.7, but I am not so willing at doing it ..... I do not close any maneuver any more ... also because, in this second part of the session, I wear the 2.5 mm Ion surfshoes, and with these, practically, I am not able to ride! One foot always gets stuck in the strap at some point in the maneuver. Maybe with the surfshoes, I should hold the straps tighter, to prevent the foot to go deep inside the strap ...


Windsurf Mandello Lago Como 140

Windsurf Mandello Lago Como 158

Windsurf Mandello Lago Como 185

At 16.30, tired of riding barely in control, I get out of the water and close the day.

Overall, I give the day a rating of 6.5. Beautiful temperature, beautiful landscape, and sometimes even beautiful sensations in the water, but you can have better days.


Aloha. Fabio   

Click here, to enjoy the beautiful slidegallery of the session.


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The video of the session

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