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And this time, too, we got it right! The Arome forecasting model is proving to be quite reliable to predict the strong Breva wind, on Lake Como. Thus, we were able to enjoy a beautiful day of windsurfing, in Pianello del Lario, with a wind from South / South-East at 25 knots and more.


Windsurfing, session report: Pianello del Lario (Lake Como), with strong breva

Not that bad that we live close to the lakes of Como and Garda ..... Sometimes, we talk badly about them, because they often give us (above all the Lake Como) unstable and little lasting winds, and choppy water surface. But, if you really know them, knowing what are the characteristics of the spots, and knowing how to read the wind forecasts, they are able to give us some beautiful days of windsurfing, very useful for keeping trained, and for trying out maneuvers and materials, in addition to letting us pass a beautiful day of sport, in the midst of nature, with suggestive landscapes, and in excellent company.


Windsurf Pianello Como 17


Friday night, I reported in the Waterwind forum, the possibility that we would have a nice Breva wind on Lake Como on Saturday. I suggest to those who have not yet done so, to subscribe to the discussion category "Wind forecasts", or "Northern lakes", to stay updated on this.



I arrived at the spot around noon, and I understood immediately that the day would be a good one. The wind was already of good intensity, around 17-18 knots, still not completely spreaded over the lake surface. I immediately met Michele, to whom I delivered the Severne RDM blue 370 and 400 2019 masts to be tested with his Severne Freek (to complete the Severne tests, thanks to the collaboration with the Italian distributor, Gianpiero Venè, a beautiful Severne S1-Pro 4.8 will soon arrive).

I prepared the boards (Fanatic Skate TE 93 2014 and Tabou 3S 106 LTD 2013), and meanwhile I observed the lake to assess the intensity of the wind. So I decided not to rig the new Ezzy Elite 5.3 2019, which I also have to start testing, and I prepared the Elite 4.7 2017. Thank goodness I chose it, because it turned out to be the right size for most of the session ....

Shortly before 1.00 pm, I entered into the water with the freestyle board, which I enjoyed, before a friend of mine, willing to try it, arrived.

The first part of the session, apart from a few brief wind lulls, was a lot of fun. First of all, the greater physical freshness allowed me to maneuver better. Secondly, the water level was less messy, and the sail was basically of the right size. Moreover, the freestyle board, even for the smaller volume, proved to be better in the management of overpowering by offering less lateral resistance in the water. I still have to take a bit of confidence with the shape, but on Saturday with the Skate I sailed decently. I closed some nice fast tacks, even if I have to put in my head that I have to keep my front arm well extended at the sail passage, and change tack to the sail with decision when I'm with the bow in the wind. And I have to be quick with my feet .... When I'm fresh with energy, I do what needs to be done; when I am tired, I move as in a replay sequence .... The next session I will massacre myself with fast tacks, since it's so important in waveriding and windsurfing in general!

I have also experienced a lot in jibe, with mixed results, and in jumps. In this last regard, I still have to find the courage to perform the speed loop. Of course, at the sea, with regular waves would be easier. At the lake, where you see the right chop at the last moment, it takes cold blood and decision. But maybe I still fear too much the warm blood that could spring up after a clumsy attempt ... But the maneuver is in my goals. With the Tabou 106, however, in the second part of the session, I tried one, timidly ....

The spot confirmed as valid (read review (in italian, but you can get help from google translate), although, especially in the middle of the lake, the water level was sometimes rather chaotic, and in some moments, the wind was rather gusty and of variable direction. However, the intensity of the Breva, here, is undoubtedly greater than in other spots of the lake.

Around me, a nice company of familiar faces. Michele tried the Severne Freek 4.4, usually rigged with a Maverx, with the Severne 370 mentioned above. This is his first comment, waiting for further tests and evaluations: "Today I tried the 4.4, which I mounted with Maverx Stilo 288, and which I think suited the Freek pretty well. The difference I noticed today is that the thrust is a little more progressive (you don't feel the sail take full power, maybe the Maverx stilo 288 was a bit more hard.) The big difference in my opinion will be on 4.8, cause the superlight Maverx I have never convinced me with the Severne Freek." We will update you.

I take a while to mention the conditions from a climatic point of view. It was not a cold day like that of the session, again here in Pianello, last February (read report (in italian)). With the O'Neill wetsuit 6/5/4, I was almost too warm, especially on the head. The water is a little warmer (around 10 °C), and the air temperature was 14-16 degrees. Unfortunately, however, it is not yet time to remove boots and gloves and hood, even if someone has sailed without, but suffering a bit from cold. 


After an hour in the water, I spotted my friend's car arriving at the parking lot, from the middle of the lake. So, I returned to the shore and gave the board to him, to move on to 106, after having rested a bit.

Meanwhile, the wind increased, and when I returned to the water, on the gusts, the 4.7 was decidedly too big (also because of the larger board): today, my quad 87 with a 4.2 would be right for me for a good part of the session.

With the Tabou 106, I tried to jibe coming out from the maneuver clew first for a while. It was confirmed that this is the right trick to keep the glide even when coming out of the jibe; but, if when you are overpowered, it is more difficult. I did another hour and a half in water, totaling 3 hours. When there is a wind like this, you would never want to go out. And so, in the evening, I was dead tired, even if a good glass of Lugana wine, at dinner with friends, revitalized me a little ....

My friend Filippo has proven to have a good feeling on the Fanatic Skate right away, also thanks to his 18 years old, which make him quick and agile. How I would like to be 18 again !!

I left the spot around 5.00 pm, returning home for once without traffic.

Now, we miss only the sun and the beautiful temperatures of late spring and summer, when the lake can also give the relaxing atmosphere of the late afternoon that I love.

But for now let's see if for Easter and the next holidays, we can catch some waves at the sea.

Aloha. Fabio


Here below, a selection of photos of the day. For the complete slidegallery, click here.


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