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Thermic light winds blew over Como Lake during these last days. I had some windsurfing sessions, and had the chance to meet and surf with Clive from Brisbane (Australia), who is visiting Europe, and contacted me to have some tips about spots, rentals, etc, on the lake. I helped him with pleasure to enjoy some rides in the Northern part of the lake.


Windsurfing, sessions report: Gera Lario and Valmadrera (Lake Como, Italy)

On Friday 25, we bet on Gera Lario, to get some Breva wind (from the South). Unfortunately, at high altitude wind was blowing from the North, and disturbed a little the thermic breeze from the South, which was not steady for this reason. The best wind blew between 2.30 pm and 4.00 pm. I entered into the water with my "big" board (Tabou 3s 106 LTD 2013), and with the Ezzy Zeta 2017 6.4, my big sail for light winds. It's a sail that has already given me great satisfaction (read review), but I must say that when the wind is unstable, I suffer a bit its size and its weight. Water begins to get almost warm, so I wore my 4/3 mm wetsuit, but no surf shoes.


Windsurf Gera 25 5 2018 1

Windsurf Gera 25 5 2018 4

Windsurf Gera 25 5 2018 8


With Clive, we met at the Tabo Surf, where he rented some windsurfing equipment, with which he enjoyed exploring the lake from coast to coast, as shown in the photo below. Although the wind was not the best one, Clive told us he had fun.

It must be said that on Friday, due to the clearer air, Lake Como showed a marvelous panorama, with full and bright spring colors.

Windsurf Gera Clive Ven

Windsurf Gera 25 5 2018 5

Windsurf Gera 25 5 2018 7

Windsurf Gera 25 5 2018 10

Clive colico


On Saturday, I had decided to exit from Domaso beach, and then cross the lake and go to Piona spot, where the wind is usually stronger, but then the call of some friends, brought me back to Gera Lario. The signs for wind seemed better, with winds at altitude from the South. And, in fact, the Breva started well, and for about an hour and a half (13,30-15,00), it made us have fun, even if I had to go out with the same equipment of Friday.....

At the spot of the Gera "little church" beach, there were lots of friends: Paolo Marchese (who wants to bring me to Brazil ....), Cosimo, Carlo, Paolo Agazzi, Paolo from Lecco (who did not ride, but entertained us, as always, with its vast windsurfing culture).

At the beach spot, suddenly (what a fluke!) Clive appeared again. He landed there, to fix the outhaul rope of the sail he rented in Colico, cause he broke it during a jibe.

Windsurf Gera 25 5 2018 11

Windsurf Gera 25 5 2018 12

Windsurf Gera 25 5 2018 14

Windsurf Gera 25 5 2018 15

Windsurf Gera 25 5 2018 16

The wind, unfortunately, rapidly dropped saturday afternoon (except, perhaps, for a late afternoon reinforcement at Colico, on the opposite coast), and so, someone (my friend Carlo), put away the equipment, and thought to inaugurate the bathing season ..... (water temperature about at 15-16 °)

Saturday night, some thunderstorms happened in Valtellina and Valchiavenna (North of the Lake). So, Sunday, in the early morning, Valmadrera (in front of Lecco) gave us a decent Tivano (Thermic wind from North), which finally allowed me to go out with a more reasonable 5.5 sail, and always with the Tabou 3S 106. I arrived a bit late on the spot, and I did a session from 8.15 to 9.30, however, I got planing for most of the time. Valmadrea is always a very didactic and enjoyable spot, with good steady wind and flat water, which allows you to focus well on the movements of the maneuvers, you are practising on.

Hang loose. Fabio

Click here, for the complete slidegallery of Saturday in Gera.


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