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On the last day of August, Valmadrera (Lake Como) gave us a very good wind that lasted almost all day long, and that reached, and sometimes exceeded, 30 knots. We get excitement from low pressures ...



Windsurfing, sessions reports: Valmadrera (Lake Como), 30 knots

Yesterday, it was difficult to keep calm the "crew" of sessions Waterwind team. Already at 6.00 am, I got the messages of those who wanted to enter (or entered ...) into the water at Valmadrera (Lake Como), under the downpour and lightnings ..... and with unstable wind. By mid-morning, however, the wind began to blow and spread better over the spot, it stopped raining, and the show went on.

The wind that blew yesterday over the spot was a particular one, that gives the best conditions to enjoy at Valmadrera. We call it "Ricaduta" in the Italian languange, and it is due to the pressure difference that you have between the Mountains and the Northern part of Lake Como, when you have cloudy or stormy wheather there, and the plains and the Southern part of the lake, where you have sunny, or at least, less nasty weather.



Windsurf Valmadrera Como 3

Windsurf Valmadrera Como 4

Windsurf Valmadrera Como 8

Windsurf Valmadrera Como 12

Windsurf Valmadrera Como 15

Windsurf Valmadrera Como 69


I arrived at Valmadrera at 2.30 pm, after a morning at the office. Seizing a slight drop in wind, I rigged my Ezzy Elite 4.7 2018, leaving it with a nice belly, with the Tabou 3s 106 2013 LTD, and I entered into the water shortly after 15.00. It has gone well for half an hour ... Then, I was already big with the sail, and I came back to the shore, first to sheet downhaul and outhaul, and then (after another half an hour overpowered), to change with the Ezzy Elite 4.2 2018, and the Fanatic Quad 87 TE 2013, which I set as Twinzer. In the best moments of the afternoon also the 4.2, at times, was big!

There were so may friends at the spot, of all ages from 11 years old to above 60! And it was very pleasant to share this session with all of them.



Windsurf Valmadrera Como 18

Windsurf Valmadrera Como 20

Windsurf Valmadrera Como 24

Windsurf Valmadrera Como 15

Windsurf Valmadrera Como 29

Windsurf Valmadrera Como 32

Windsurf Valmadrera Como 42

Windsurf Valmadrera Como 50

Windsurf Valmadrera Como 65

Windsurf Valmadrera Como 66


I came away from the spot at 19.30 (after almost three hours in the water): you remember all year long the summer days with "ricaduta" wind at Valmadrera......

Aloha. Fabio

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