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Still forced to stay at the beach by back pain, longing to meet again some friends, yesterday afternoon I went to Gera Lario (Lake Como), to take some pictures while they where enjoying a light breva.


Windsurf session: Breva at Gera Lario (Como Lake)

Despite a partially cloudy sky in the second part of the afternoon, a light breva at 10-12 knots rose, thanks to some winds from the South East in the plains that lay at South of the lake, and a clear sky in Valtellina (light north winds were blowing at high altitude). Mild temperatures at about 19 degrees at the beach, but still cold water, although the more daring riders have tried to ride without neoprene hood, and gloves.


DSC 0017

DSC 0003

DSC 0036


DSC 0065

Not a memorable day, but, anyway, good to do a little training for the upcoming season, and to get your mind free of ordinary daily troubles ...


DSC 0084

DSC 0090

DSC 0113

DSC 0150


I hope to be back in the water again, next we!

Aloha. Fabio


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