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Sunday, 4th August 2013 Torbole on Garda Lake has confirmed all the fame it enjoys as one of the best spots in the world for windsurfing. The thermal wind from the South, the so-called "Ora", began to blow at around 12, on time... as if someone had pressed a button.


Windsurf session: Torbole del Garda (Italy)

At about 14, the show started, with average wind speeds of about 15 - 16 knots, and higher values in the gusts. What makes the place magical is that the average wind ensures endless planning.

I think I will never forget this session for the rest of my life. I entered into water from the "Conca" beach (see map below). Once started from the shore, I soon began planning at about fifty meters from it (to avoid the little "traffic" that is encountered near the shore), and I kept an uninterrupted planning until under the overhanging mountain in front of Riva del Garda (almost 3 km!).

Then, finally .... the lake ends, and I was able to take a breath for a moment. Changed direction, then I started another planning, again until the Conca beach. This game was repeated plenty of times....

 They are magnificent rides, during which you must also work the chop, which is quite significant for a lake. Not much else to say: it is the magic of windsurfing that I wish all people fond of this sport can try.

Enjoy also the the video of the day!!

Fabio Muriano


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