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We will remember the Peler of Sunday, August 13, 2017,  for a long time: it blew hard all through North Garda lake. We had our session in Malcesine, where Peler abundantly exceeded 30 knots.


Windsurf session: Malcesine (Garda Lake), Peler at 35 kts

Session Technical data

Wind: Peler at 30-35 kts.

Water surface: regular chop up to 150 cm.

Sail: Ezzy Tiger 4.2 2014, first, and Ezzy Elite 3,7 2016, then.....

Board: Fanatic Triwave 86 TE 2013, equipped as single fin with a MFC wave 21,5

Rider's weight: 68 kgs

Clothing: Long wetsuit 4/3 (but a 3/2 would have been enough)






Just a few days ago, we told you of the photonic wind that blew on Garda Lake on Sunday, 6th of August (read report). Just a few days after, Garda gave us another wind bomb, with a really nice and strong Peler, during which the 3.7, for me, was the perfect sail.





The Peler was predicted by (the site I personally trust most). But you know, until you don't see it, you can't be sure. I slept in my car at Retellino parking lot, right on the spot. Noisy night, with arrivals and departs all the time...., and the entrance of the wind at about 4,00 of clock. As I heard the trees shaked by the wind, I thought: 3,7 will be the proper sail....

At 6:00 am, I woke up, I made a quick breakfast, in the general hustle and bustle (the first riders came into the water at the first lights of dawn). Then, I went to prepare the equipment.


Malcesine 13 08 2017




DSC 0125

DSC 0104


I did not immediately opt for the 3.7, to match with the wave board, because I always fear, especially with small board, that it can be too small. So, I came out with the Ezzy tiger 4.2. I set the Fanatic triwave 86 as a single fin, to experiment and to continue to understand the differences from the thrusther set. At 7.30, I began my session. Immediately, I felt the typical emotions of Malcesine: surfing in the shade due to the fact that the sun does not rise from Monte Baldo before 9.00 - 9.30 (depending on the zones); the beautiful waves, good for jumping when riding offshore, and for surfing, when you come back; the wonderful panorama around.

The 4.2, for me, in the beginning, was manageable, even though it soon became clear that the bursts were really strong.

DSC 0161


Despite having managed to close some maneuvers, after 30 minutes in the water, I realized that if I wanted to enjoy the session, I had to do something: either sheeting the 4,2 downhaul and outhaul, or decide to go to 3,7. I have opted for this last solution, even considering the comments of other riders on the spot.

Returning to the water with the 3.7, I need a little time to realize that the 3.7 was the right sail for the day, but that in gusts was still big!



DSC 0174


However, in few words, I had the funniest session in Malcesine with the Peler I've ever done. In the middle of the lake, I placed the highest jump I have ever done in a lake (moreover, closed with clean landing, and controlling the equipment in the air). I've also been able to do some power jibes, though sometimes, due to tremendous gusts, I drew a quite wide bend radius during the maneuver.

Surfing the waves was not easy on Sunday, as when you beared away a little, you often gained absurd speed, even increased by the descent of the waves themselves.

In the water, we had the chance to see remarkable freestyle maneuvers since some pro riders were on the spot: Riccardo Marca (see photo), and Belgian Steven Van Broeckhoven. We also noted Michael Rossmeier (Mr Tricktionary), with his wife. And then, many non-professional freestylers, including very talented ones. Given the period, lots of German, Austrian and Swiss riders were also present.



DSC 0193


During the session, maybe for the adrenaline, but certainly also for the training matured with the sessions of the previous days, I did not notice the fatigue in a particular way (but it suddenly appeared in the afternoon ....). I got out of the water at about 10.00 am, at the slightest signs of a slight drop in the wind, in order to avoid any risk with the 3.7. But the wind, at least until 11.00, was fully good for planing even with medium-sized sails.

Aloha, Fabio.

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The video of the session

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