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May 1st, Labor Day, and the windsurfers go to work ...... And Lake Garda repays us with a great Peler, and a warm sunny day that you couldn't really miss.


Windsurfing, report sessions: Prà de la Fam, Lake Garda, 01/05/2019

This morning, at 5.30, it was not easy to get out of bed, to go and enjoy the Peler at Lake Garda. The fatigue of the windy French trip was not yet completely disposed of. But, having understood that the Peler would have been beautiful, I said to myself: if I stay at home, then I'll get angry with myself ...

So at 6.15 am I left, and at 7.45 am I arrived at the Prà. Busy parking lot, but a place is always found.

It seemed that the Peler would not enter too strong, and so I decided to rig the new Ezzy Elite 5.3 2019 to be tested, purchased from And I also left it with a big belly .... As for the board, I prepared the trusty Tabou 3s 106 LTD 2013. 5/4 Wetsuit.


 Windsurf Pra de la fam Garda 1

Windsurf Pra de la fam Garda 4



I also assumed that I could be a bit overpowered in the middle phase of the session, but with the 5.3 I would have continued the exit for a long time, guaranteeing me a full glide.

In a few words, the Peler entered strong (already, on my arrival, some riders were gliding in the water), and for a good part of the session, the sail was big. The 4.7 would have been more adequate. And even as for the board, a 95-liter would have been better. But the new Ezzy Elite really surprised me, as it didn't really make me feel overpowered while riding. If possible, Ezzy has designed a sail that is even more neutral and softer than the previous ones, without penalizing the power delivered.


Windsurf Ezzy Elite 2019 3

Windsurf Ezzy Elite 2019 5


On the other hand, while maneuvering the overpowering was clear, alas. Other riders of 80-90 kgs (against my 70) have fully glided with the 5.2 / 5.3 for most of the time. And I also had to get used to the chop, once again, after several days in the French waves (between two waves the sea is smooth, as in the inside area). When jibing, I had to get used to feeling the board bounce in the close chop.

The rest was done by drowsiness, which, at the beginning, didn't make me move with the right reactivity.


Windsurf Pra de la fam Garda 2

Windsurf Pra de la fam Garda 10


After an hour in the water, I went out to take some photos, and to wait for the wind to drop slightly. It was nice to discover that, when the wind blows well, so many familiar faces are waiting for you on the spot. Among these, the legendary Gianky and Nuccy, now true windsurfing globetrotters.

After half an hour, I returned to the water, and I have kept on ridiing for another good hour, and it was wonderful. The 5.3 was more correct, the traffic in the water decreased (we were a dozen left to ride), I pulled out some determination to overcome the drowsiness and tiredness, and I did a lot of exercise with various maneuvers, with enough satisfaction (on the Duck Jibe I still have to work).

And the Peler continued to blow with excellent quality.

At one point, I forced myself to get out of the water, so as not to suddenly collapse, in the middle of the lake. When the Peler gets up like this, you would never want to stop.

The Lake Garda Summer has begun (at the end of the session more than 20 degrees).

Below, you have a selection of photos. For the complete slidegallery, click here (free download). 

Aloha. Fabio

The video of the day

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