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When Garda Lake roars, it makes an impression. On Sunday, August 6, 2017, a powerful North East wind (Balì) swept all the lake up to the south spots, exceeding 40 knots, and raising waves of marine dimensions.


Windsurf session: Strong North East at Toscolano, Garda Lake


Session data (Toscolano-Maderno)

Wind: North East at more than 40 kts on gusts; average wind at more than 30 kts.

Water surface: 2-2,5 meters waves, off shore, steep and breaking; shorebreak of 1 meter near the shore.

Sail: Ezzy Elite 3,7 2016.

Board: Fanatic Triwave TE 86 2013

Rider Weight: 68 kgs

Dressing: Long wetsuit 3/2


DSC 0107



A windy day to remember at Garda, one of those days when Lake Garda gives satisfaction even to the toughest riders. After the beautiful session at the Prà with the Peler in the morning, in the afternoon the lake gave us a lot of wind, and it allowed for impressive sessions in almost every spot in the central and south part of the lake.



At Toscolano, it was immediately clear that the wind would have blown very well, because at 13.00 - 13.30, the cliffs of the lido were invested by remarkable waves, and by a wind at 30 knots. Just few minutes to eat a sandwich, and to do some measurements with the anemometer, and then I started rigging my equipment. The average wind at 32 knots, and the gusts at over 37 knots on the beach, together with the lake view, made me decide straight away for the 3.7 (my smallest sail) to be paired with the wave board.



DSC 0117


At 14.15, I was ready, and I went into the water to finally try the famous Tosko. To make it short, in all honesty, I rode ten minutes and came out. Toscolano is not a spot for everyone.  It requires very good technique, and training, or, at least, a good weight, or all these elements together! The shorebreak on the shore is powerful and steep, and in the event of a fall, if you are not fast to waterstart, you can be quite soon be wiped out to the downwind cliff, damaging the equipment. Once off, I was impressed by the power of the gusts and the size of the waves: offshore over two meters, but above all steep, and breaking even away from the shore. Moreover, it struck me the regularity of the series of waves coming from the North: almost a marine swell.


DSC 0134


DSC 0141


However, in the few rides I did, I immediately realized that, for me (68 kg), the 3.7 was unmanageable, and that I would not be able to control the board and the sail properly. Even sheeting the outhaul and the downhaul, I would not have resolved much. So, shortly, I realized that it was better to retreat, and wait for a windfall (which then did not arrive, because the wind remained strong until the evening). I have to say that the fatigue for the mornining session at Prà with the 4.7 had not yet vanished. So, I began to make photos and videos. In the water, riders level was high, with some freestylers who made remarkable tricks (e.g. surfing waves in switch backwinded...).

I left the spot, at about 4 pm, with the desire to stay on the lake, enjoy the show (magnificent views), and take a look at other spots.

DSC 0275


I went to the LNI in Desenzano at 17.30, where the wind was equally strong (although, according to some guys there, was more unstable than in Toscolano), and the spot seemed more affordable in these conditions than Toscolano, having shallow bottom area near the shore, where you can end up in case of difficulty. Here, too, I took photos and videos (see slidegallery). We know of others having sessions at San Sivino (which also offers spectacular conditions with these wind), and at Crero, Torri del Benaco (see photo below, sent us via facebook, by Roland Langer, who was out with 3.4).

Crero Roland


DSC 0294

DSC 0327

DSC 0344

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Aloha. Fabio


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The videos of the sessions at Tosko and Desenzano



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