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I was afraid of having to go back to southern France to use 4.2 sail again. Instead, it was enough to return to Garda lake..... And I have to say that, for me, even a 3.7 could have been good, at least for the first hour and a half of the session.... Another day of mythical Peler to Pra de la Fam, on Saturday, 9/19/2015.

Windsurf session: Prà de la Fam (Garda Lake)

Overall, it was a really a good trip. On Fryday afternoon, I decide, for my first time, to sleep in the car at the spot parking. The choice will prove to be strategic, because, when I arrive at the parking lot of the Pra de la fam, at about 23.30, there are all the places that I want, but the next morning, already at 7.00 parking will be almost impossibile.





Friday evening, before reaching the spot, I go and visit my friend  Marco from Bogliaco. We take a beer together.

I load part of his gear on my car, I greet him, and I head to the parking lot of the Pra. The night is wonderful, and goes quiet, although in the car it is a bit hot in my sleeping bag (in the morning at 7 o'clock, I wake up with 22 ° C). There are still some vans from the Germany parked for the night.



I wake up at 7, I have a brakfast at the bar at the spot, and I begin to scan the lake surface. The wind blew all night (but Pra parking is repaired). At 7:30 Marco arrives. He parks in its own way ... (he would not have an alternative ....). He says that the wind will strengthen at 8,00, after the sun rise above Mount Baldo (on the opposite shore). At 7.00 - 7.30, the first riders go out. I look at the lake and decide immediately for the 4.2. I don't want to be overpowered once again! Having no place in the car, I took only the RRD FSW 111 (and left the 86), which can handle a wide range of winds.



Session technical data:

Wind: 30 knots (average), gusts beyond 35 kn

Waves: 1,5 meters, good for little surfing

Me (65 kgs)

Sail: Ezzy Tiger 4,2 2014 (overpowered...)

Board: RRD FSW 2010 111

Dressing: 4 mm long wetsuit (only because I do not have a good 2/3 mm....)

Marco (95 kgs)

Sail: Ezzy Tiger 4,7 (overpowerd...)

Board: Goya quad 118

Dressing: short sleeves, long legs 3 mm wetsuit

I enter into the water at 8.00. The wind is tough, and the first hour and a half, I would prefer a 3.7 if I had .... We practise with the power jibe, that I'm learning. Today I try to anticipate the changing of the sail side (in order to have it more neutral), immediately after the change of feet position. Indeed, it will prove to be a better solution. Today, because of the overpowered sail, and the 1,5 meter wave, I do not manage to find a proper bend radius. Or I do it too narrow or too wide. I often cross my friend Matteo in the water, who places some nice power jibe.




I return to shore to rest a bit , and I do some shooting at a phenomenal young italian tale doing Freestyle maneuvers: they tell me he's Mattia Fabrizi ....(Pwa Athlete).

I'll be back in the water at 10.30. The wind has dropped only slightly. Now, however, it is a bit more right for me, and I enjoy it. I'm also more toned, and less sleepy. I would not go out again, if I had time restrictions.




Marco, today, has sailed at North of the Pra beach, where you have flatter water. Instead, I prefered not to be there, fearing for the crowding of riders. Moreover, it was not necessary, since you have good wind everywhere today.

Then, we find with Marco at the beach, at 11.30. Marco introduces me some of his friends (I ask if there is someone he does not know ....).

I know Ricky .... and I chat with a girl from Milan (Veronica), who, with 4.5 (58 kg), had some difficulty .....



After chatting and putting averything away, I leave the spot at 12,15. There are 26°C degrees. Everyone has a smile on his face. It  was another 10 and praise sessiont at Pra.

The summer is ending, but not on Garda lake...

Aloha. Fabio

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The video of my today session at Pra de La Fam di oggi, and a "special" short movie of Mattia Fabrizi's freestyle maneuvers



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