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The new video that the photographer and windsurfer CattaZen sent us, and shot in the French spots of Carro and Le Jai. His comment lets us feel all the excitement of the sessions.


Windsurf session: Carro and Le Jai (France)

"339, more than a number. Hard days... good friends. Power of the Wind and Waves in one of the best place to... be Windsurfer. Cold water (18 degrees!), le Grand bleu sous la planche, stunning light.I love it. Once again the Transporter took us away... Far away from an increasingly crazy and deprived world of masters that no longer works... The origin of everything starts from these beautiful places full of contrasts . The wind and the waves teach you a lot, even to see your limits. LE Mistral, uninterruptedly day and night. Anxiety grows, but blood flows and adrenaline pushes you further. Windsurfing days!

Aloha, CattaZen.

Friends into the water: Pier, Fred, Ale, Alessio and all the locals windsurfers of Carro and Le Jai"


Also watch the sessions slidegallery on Flickr.


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