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My first winter windsurfing session of the year in Como Lake. North wind of about 25-30 knots, 12°C degrees and sun. So the first has already been a very good one, with nice company of friends.


Windsurf session: Dervio (Como Lake)

Friends, just after the dawn, begin to send me some sms, because they are in Valmadrera (South of the lake), where they're going to enter into water with a very good wind (sails size: 4,5). But it is still cloudy and most of all Wind Chill is -6,4°C.....Uhm... Too low!!. Giacomo, another friend of mine, is digging in the snow to get his equipment free.....

Predictions are of foehn wind from North and sky clearing from the midday. So I wait few hours, and I leave by car from Monza at 11,30.

We try, first, to ride at Valmadrera, but the wind is getting low, and a 6,3 sail is not enough to plane. I take the chance to practise some tack and jibe with low wind, but it's easy like this. After 20 minutes, we decide that wind is too much low. We do not even undress, just dismount our rig, get into the car with our wet or dry suits, and take the direction of the Northern part of the lake, where anemometers say that there are still 40 km/h (measured on the ground).

When we arrive at Dervio, I soon get excited. A strong and regular wind is still blowing. Sun and a wonderful winter light. Mountains in the surroundings are covered with snow. What a landscape! In the water, there are already some riders (some from Switzerland). I meet some guys I know on the shore, so I ask with which sails are out. They say that they're using sails of about 5 square meters. I rig an Ezzy Tiger 5,5, Giacomo, my friend, a Neil Pryde 5. His choice will be the right one, because I will be a little overpowered in gusts.


I try the Ezzy for my first time. The Ezzy soon proves to be a great sail. It is "soft" and neutral in the gusts and lows, and so it prevents you from getting tired.

The session is fantastic. Today, you can plane from shore to shore for all the lake width. My RRD 110 liters FSW satisfies me once again, even if I still have to get more confidence with it, beacuse it is less forgiving than my old Tabou rocket 125.

Some good guys are in the water. I admire one of them, with a North Idol sail, for his great tacks. Watching at home the movie of the day (see minute 5'09''), I get an important particular: he crosses his hands on the boom (from side to side) even before the board has passed through the wind. Maybe it's the secret...

My friend Giacomo is good at jibing. I see him doing some power jibes near the shore, and realize that he works well with his feet, changing their position, just before jibing the sail, so getting a good stance.



He wears a 5mm wet suit, but no neoprene cap, and shows his long hair in the wind. Great..., but he is the only one..., because felt temperature must be about of some degrees above zero (Celsius). I wear a dry suit. I feel good, only a little cold at my hands, even if I wear 3 mm gloves.

We have great time, and stay in the water, 1,30 - 2 hours.

After 16,00, sun begins to go down and it enlights lake surface, producing some reflections that remind me of spring and summer time. I am dreaming for a while.... But after a day like this, next months sessions will be even more pleasant for sure.

Aloha, Fabio Muriano


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