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The author of Waterwind is also a dinghy sailor... In fact, I was born as a sailor to become, then, a windsurfer.


Sailing session: with a Laser 4000 at Como Lake

In this photoreport, you see me with my friend Lorenzo during the sailing session of the 8th of June. The unstable weather has allowed us to sail only an hour between 14.30 and 15.30, during which, in Dervio, a wind blew from the south, and was generated by storms that were taking place at the southern part of the lake.

I have already experienced once the fearsome "Menaggino", a storm wind that arrives up to 40/50 knots and that atomizes the water surface. So when you go out in these conditions, you should always look around carefully.

The wind reached 15 knots or so, and it was gusty, but without ever giving the impression of wanting to become really bad. So we had fun with an hour of adrenaline planning on our "Mascalzone Lariano", a Laser 4000. By the time we realized that the wind was becaming weaker and weaker, we decided to go back, to avoid remaing in the middle of the lake with no wind at all....

Have Fun, Fabio Muriano


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