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Hit and run in France for the weekend, to take a powerful mistral wind, less stable than usual, though. In addition to enjoying the usual beauty of the views, we took the opportunity to test some 2018 gear.


Windsurf session: Six Fours Les Plages, Le Brusc (France)


Technical session data:

Spot: Le Brusc 

Wind: Mistral, with a significant component from the West, sometimes even South West, unstable with peaks up to almost 40 kts.

Water surface: first, small chop; then, higher and messy chop, except for regular waves of about 1.5-2 meters in front of the Cape, south of the spot.

Sail: Lofsails Wavescape 4.2 2018, first, Ezzy Elite 4.2 2018, then.

Board:  Fanatic Quad TE 2013, 87, con default fins (Choco Fins 2x10cm / 2x14,5cm G10).

Rider's weight: 70 kgs

Clothing: 5 mm wetsuit, 3 mm surf shoes, open palm mittens, neoprene cap.

Air temperature: 15-16 °C

Sea water temperature: 14 °C



DSC 0103

DSC 0127




Saturday (20/01), almost to be forgotten in Hyeres (the Madrague), with wind from the west - south west, around 20 knots, but very unstable (then it raised to 30 knots after 16.30, but when it started to rain...). We consoled ourselves finally going to try the Chez Mico, a Sanary sur mer, for dinner..... 

Sunday, January 21, instead, we woke up with a nice sunny day, warm for January, and with good wind forecast.

After breakfast, we check the spot of La Coudouliere.

In the water already a few riders, including the young French talent Loick Lesauvage, already committed to his training (the guy will surely make a long way, no doubt about it). In the video, at the end of the article, and in the photos below, you can admire Loick in action. I must say that it is always very pleasant to admire the fluidity of his movements in the water. Everything seems easy and obvious, when it is not (just think that under his feet, most likely, had a Goya Quad of 70 liters ....).

DSC 0017

DSC 0026

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DSC 0083


The Coudou does not appear in the best conditions: wind from the west (and therefore a bit onshore, with more difficulty to go out and surf the wave), relatively small wavea (1.5 meters in the surfable area, a little higher at center of the bay). The wind seems a little unstable, with powerful gusts. The water surface, however, is always very beautiful, with a leveled flat surface, between the two successive waves, and..... waves, anyway .....! Otherwise, we should check the near Bandol.

With friends we decide to move to Le Brusc, a little further South (even if, all things considered, I'd have rather to ride at Coudou, anyway).

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When we arrive at Le Brusc, we realize that the wind is very unstable: it ranges between 12-15 and 25 knots. While I am about going to rig the biggest sail I have brought (the 4.7), I measure a wind increase (20 knots average, 28 on the gusts). I decide to risk the 4.2. I have with me to try the Lofsails Wavescape 4.2 2018, that I haven't ever got wet, yet, and I decide to give it an opportunity. I prepare and mount it with "his mast", LOFTSAILS VISION RDM C75 - 340. I match it to the only board I have with me (the Quad 87). The spot is crowded with locals and some other Italians (it's Sunday).



DSC 0134


We enter into the water around at noon. The first half hour is a nightmare. Unstable wind, it looks like a photocopy of yesterday. With the Quad it is only great labour .... Then, fortunately, shortly before 1.00 pm, the wind gets more spreaded and increases in intensity. I have a good way to test the Wavescape. 4.2 is right. The sail gives me positive impressions: light, manageable, stable and neutral. I have fun and close a few maneuvers. The water surface is choppy, but tidy.

To make a comparison between the two sails, I decide to return to the beach and then into the water, again, with the Ezzy Elite 4.2 2018. But the comparison will not be possible. Once back in the water, I realize that the wind has definitely increased, and the 4.2, now, is really big. The water surface has become chaotic (I hate those conditions....).


DSC 0146


Having to return to Italy at the end of the day, there is no time to change for 3.7. At least, I come back to shore, to sheet the sail, but it will not be enough. I try to exploit, however, the day as much as possible and stay in the water until almost 16.00, to compensate for the gyp on Saturday. I'll come out of the water well tired, after almost an hour and a half of overpower ride ...

DSC 0162


I put everything away and undress at about 16.30, amid a beautiful windstorm. We returne to Milan around at 10pm, after a break for a pizza in Liguria.

Aloha. Fabio


Click here, for the slidegallery of La Coudouliere in the morning

Click here, for the slidegallery of Le Brusc 


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The video of La Coudou



The video of Le Brusc


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