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It's almost summer. It's not the best time for Peler, but on Saturday Pra de la fam, the well-known spot on Lake Garda, entertained us with a decent windsurfing session.


Windsurfing: Pra de la Fam, Lake Garda, 06/17/2023. Summer Peler


Saturday, the Pra gave us a typically summer day. When we arrived on Friday evening, the parking lot was already almost full; My freind Alohale and I had to work a bit to find parking. But luckily, Michelino was there to lend us a hand.... Winter has its advantages.

The forecasts gave a good Peler blast, due to the storms of the night before; which, however, must have also refreshed the lower lake air (which is not so good for Peler). Thus, the next morning when we woke up at dawn, the most disparate comments began, and someone began to fear the worst. But as I predicted, the wind started after sunrise, when the lower lake started to warm up well.

For me it was an intense day of work .... While waiting for the wind, I took advantage of the availability of Simone Grezzi (Goya and Detour team rider), to start recording some instructional videos, in which he explains some tricks. Soon, you will see the fruits of our labour.

Then, between 7.30 and 8.00 we entered the water, Simone with Goya Cipher 4.4, me with Ezzy Wave 4.7. Simone, as usual, also showed his ability in the water (watch the video of his Flaka).


Windsurf Pradelafam Lago Garda 002 Windsurf Pradelafam Lago Garda 001

Windsurf Pradelafam Lago Garda 003



For me, it was the first opportunity to try the Tabou 3s Plus 96 2019 at Pra, setting the board as a single fin, with the MFC K-One 23 (I love this fin).

It wasn't the best condition to test the board here too, but I understood something about it anyway. Even at Pra, the Tabou 3s Plus proved to be an excellent board, with excellent planing entry, very stable, fast, and with plenty of headway when maneuvering. Unfortunately, the wind has been really good only for an hour (between 8.30 and 9.30). Then, it turned out to be very unstable, with many direction changes , which also messed up the water surface. Then, at 10.00 it finally dropped, and we almost all got out of the water, except the wingfoils.

Despite the annoying chop (also due to traffic on the water), some maneuvers allowed me to confirm the goodness of the shape of the board.

I also took the opportunity to repeatedly try the controlled catapult, that is to try to approach the speed loop, and overcome the psychological block of the first part of the manoeuvre. When I'm planing, and I'm jumping on a wave, it's really hard to convince myself to try. So, getting there step by step can be the solution. I took advantage of the advice that Simone, ashore, showed while we were recording the videos, I pulled with the stern hand, I extended the bow hand, and I launched myself leeward to the board, while riding without planing, paying attention not to damage my beloved board. I've done several "landings" on my back, and it seems to me that the approach works. I can't wait to try again, maybe even asking Simone to give me some tips to make the board to jump, even with a small chop.


Windsurf Pradelafam Lago Garda 004

Windsurf Pradelafam Lago Garda 005 

All in all, it wasn't the most memorable session at the Pra, but the morning was still pleasant and fun, even if the crowding at the parking, above all, is starting to make the spot less livable. Marco from Bergamo even unloaded the equipment, parked elsewhere, and then reached the spot with the electric scooter. He is always ahead...., and always has a positive, pragmatic spirit. I have also seen him well in the water with several good entry level freestyle maneuvers, like 360, willy skipper, etc.

However, it is always pleasant to meet the many well-known faces of the Pra. There are always many historical faces, now in old age, and, fortunately, even a few young people, to ensure a certain generational turnover. Congratulations to the fathers who bring their sons and daughters with them, and to whom they have passed on their passion.

By now, it's quite warm, both on land and in the water. I went out with the 3/2 wetsuit and it was fine, but we have already seen several shorties, and many Germans/Austrians were already shirtless (see slidegallery). If you have any thoughts, write them down in the comments, after the slidegallery! The video of the session is available at this link.

Aloha. Fabio


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