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Sun, and summer = wind in Silvaplana, Engadin, Switzerland. And with the light and colors of a day like Friday 6 August, it is impossible to resist a beautiful and fresh windsurfing session in paradise.


Windsurfing, report: Silvaplana, Engadin, 6 August 2021

Windsurfing in Silvaplana is always fun. The wonderful panorama of the surrounding mountains, the beauty of the lake, the logistics at the beach (even if the spot was quite crowded on Friday), and the good quality of the wind make a perfect mix.

I arrived in Silvaplana, from Monza, after the morning in the office, and at 15.30 I was in the water. The wind had already been strong since 14.00, with an average of 20 knots, and gusts of 25.

The Ezzy Wave 5.8 2021 has given me satisfaction even today: a powerful, neutral, and light sail. The Goya Super Skinny 140-190 boom makes it even more powerful.

Under my feet, the trusty Tabou 3S 106 LTD 2015, that I matched with a MFC K-One 27, a fin that I adore: excellent lift in sailing straight, to ride well upwind, and good drive even during the jibe.

5/4 wetsuit, in order to stay warm, and to be able to go out barefoot and without a hood. The climatic conditions were a bit cooler than the normal sunny days I came to windsurfing in Engadin, in the past years. But this summer has been a bit capricious in the Alps. The spot offered good conditions, as for wind quality and intensity, at least until 17.00, then the wind started to slowly drop. Regular and almost flat water level, as usual, except for a slight chop, due to traffic on the water.


Windsurf Silvaplana Engadina 002

Windsurf Silvaplana Engadina 004

Windsurf Silvaplana Engadina 005

In the water, many people of all levels. From skilled old school riders (I was struck by a "boy" with a blue Naish sails - see pictures in the slidegallery), to slalom lovers, some freestylers, beginners, kiters, and the increasingly present wind and wing foil riders. My friend Andrea had fun with his daughter Erika. Many congratulations to Andrea for his patience and dedication.

Then with Andrea, at the end of the day, we went to sleep in a tent at Camping Maloja, in Plaun Curtinac, a little corner of paradise. This is always an added value to the day.

For Saturday, the Windfinder superforcast had given a southerly perturbation wind at over 30 knots, but it didn't do much. In addition to understanding that the windfinder superforcast is a joke, we also understood that, when the sky is too cloudy, it is difficult for the Engadin to have a good wind.

Before the end of the summer I want to go back to the Engadin several times fir trekking or windsurfing. By now you will have understood: I love this corner of the mountain.

Ciao. Fabio

Click here, for the slidegallery shot on friday


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