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For Sunday, August 12, the wind forecast maps, gave Sud Foehn, and so we took the opportunity, together with other friends, for our usual and pleasant August surfing trip at Lake Silvaplana, in Engadin (Switzerland). Mission accomplished!


Windsurfing, session report: Silvaplana, Engadin, Switzerland

As can be seen from the chart below, yesterday was a good wind day in Silvaplana, which, in the summer, turns into a well-organized spot for windsurfing and kitesurfing (read review of the spot). The wind has risen well since the late morning, despite a not quite clear sky.


Silvaplana windfinder 12 august


I arrived at the spot, around at 12.15, finding the parking lot already almost complete. The Engadinwind (read news), scheduled from August 13 to 19, attracted many fans to Silvaplana.




Silvaplana windsurf 12 august 2018 5

Silvaplana windsurf 12 august 2018 6

Silvaplana windsurf 12 august 2018 7


The wind, as quality and intensity, went a bit in alternating phases: nice in the late morning, weaker in the early afternoon, and then it registered a climax between 15.00 and 16.15 (with gusts at 29 knots). This has depended on both the evolution of the weather south of the Maloja pass, and the greater or lesser sunshine conditions over Engadin. The moments of good wind were detected, if nothing else, by the entry into the water of freestylers, with small sails (however around 5 square meters).

Considered, however, that at 1800 meters the air is less dense, I rigged the Ezzy Zeta 6.4 2017, combined with the Tabou 3S 106 LTD, and I entered into the water at 13.30. In short, the first part of the exit was quieter, requiring some pumping to get the glide. Around at 15.00, however, the fun started. Towards the Maloja pass (and evidently even further south), the sky got darkened, while over Engadin it remained more clear.

Getting glide, so, was, for me, immediate, with the chance to cross the whole lake fully planning, and going upwind effectively. So I had the opportunity to practice well, and then to try to perfect the exit from the power/speed jibe. Unfortunately, like most windsurfers, when I turn the sail, the board tends to turn to the wind, and the glide stops. Probably, or I have to anticipate even more the tack changing of the sail, or I have to bring the sail forward more quickly, after the tack changing.


Silvaplana windsurf 12 august 2018 8

Silvaplana windsurf 12 august 2018 9

Silvaplana windsurf 12 august 2018 12



Gradually, the rain from the Maloja pass moved to the north, and then to the Silvaplana spot, and for a while we surfed with a light precipitation in progress. But the wind has held up well at the beginning, so we stayed in the water, plus enjoying a less crowded spot. Nice feeling. Ah, I forgot ... I came out with a 4/3 mm wetsuit, and with 3 mm surf shoes. Water temperature has not been a problem at all. Since we are having quite an hot summer, even the water of Lake Silvaplana is absolutely acceptable (even if, at the end of the session, I undressed under the rain with 14 degrees! Brrr ....).



Silvaplana windsurf 12 august 2018 1

At 16.30 pm, at the first signs of wind falling, I came out of the water. The day was, overall, pleasant and fun.

On the spot, as usual, many with slalom equipment, and also many foils. Although the overall size of the boards and fins does not convince me completely, I must recognize that the Foil, in the various spots, is now taking a firm step. Among the riders present, also the Pro Amado Vrieswijk, a Dutch guy from Bonaire, who was training with the Foil, and that we shot in the picture below.


Silvaplana windsurf 12 august 2018 3

Silvaplana windsurf 12 august 2018 2

Silvaplana windsurf 12 august 2018 4

Silvaplana windsurf 12 august 2018 10

Silvaplana windsurf 12 august 2018 11

Now, let's focus on Wednesday's Peler at Lake Garda ....

Aloha. Fabio

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