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On the last of our three days trip to France, we rode in the spot of Le Brusc. Despite the predictions that gave a decreasing wind during the day, at least until 16.00, the Six Fours spots worked with the South West wind between 20 and 25 knots. 


Windsurfing, session reports: Le Brusc, Six Fours les Plages, France


Sunday 26th, at Six Fours, began in a strange way. The mistral wind blew strong all night long (although with a direction basically from the west).

Early in the morning, after an apparent decline, it rose up well, again, and at Le Brusc, the first riders entered into the water already at 8.00, with a temperature of 19-20 degrees (but water at about 22), much lower than the above 30 Celsius degrees, that have been there until Friday. Before deciding for Le Brusc, I made a visit to la Coudouliere, one of my favorite spot, top check if Coudou would have given another fun day like Saturday 25 (read report).



Windsurf Le Brusc France 1

Windsurf Le Brusc France 2

Windsurf Le Brusc France 10

Windsurf Le Brusc France 11

Windsurf Le Brusc France 12


And it seemed that it was going to give it really another nice day...

Once arrived at Coudou around 9.00, I measured almost 30 knots at the port breakwater. With watering in my mouth ..., I prepared my Ezzy Elite 4,2 .... But within half an hour, the wind collapsed, and left the Coudou bay, to stay more offshore, and the windsurfers already out in the water (including Ezio of Riwmag, which, like me, also enjoyed Saturday), have immediately gone out from the water, before remaining at the mercy of the waves (which were quite beautiful, as the sea had been well shaked by the wind of the night).

After speaking with Guillame, a local rider, I swtiched my mind to a bathing day, before returning to Italy in the evening. Passing in front of Le Brusc, in fact, I also saw the almost total absence of wind, there, too. I went shopping, and when I came out of the supermarket, to my surprise, I saw the sea rippled again!


Windsurf Le Brusc France 3

Windsurf Le Brusc France 4

Windsurf Le Brusc France 5


On the beach, at Le Brusc, I measured about 18-20 knots, although with a direction not ideal for the spot (too much from W-SW, and, therefore, with the island of Saint Pierre that disturbed and made the wind unstable). I rigged my Ezzy Tiger 5.5 2013 and prepared the Tabou 3S 106 LTD 2013. And shortly after entering the water, I realized I was overpowered! I resisted for a while, but then, also because of a bit of chop (especially in the northern part of the spot), I decided to go ashore to change sail, and rigged an Ezzy Elite 4.7. I must say that many other riders on the spot, have experienced the same unpleasant problem. To guess the right sail at Le Brusc, on Sunday, was not easy. On shore, I exchanged two words with the other surfers on the spot (a bit in English, a bit in French): I'm sorry not to speak French better (I need a course).

Even with the 4.7, things did not go much better: I was right on the gusts, underpowered in the poors.


Windsurf Le Brusc France 6

Windsurf Le Brusc France 7

Windsurf Le Brusc France 8

Windsurf Le Brusc France 9


Back on shore again, I stayed a bit on the beach, however, to smell possible developments in the situation. In fact, in the early afternoon the wind rose up again, and got steady just above 20 knots. The wind quality improvements could be noticed for the immediate entry into the water of many local riders that were at the spot.

Le Brusc is a very nice spot for everyone, where you have a mix of riders of the most diverse levels, with equipment of all kinds: you go from the Pro Adrien Bosson, who here, on Sunday, has trained for a long time, showing his pure class, already equipped with 2019 Duotone sail (formerly North Sail); to non-professional riders, with freestyle, slalom, or wave equipment, and even some windsurfers with really vintage boards. And you see riders of all ages: from a child, 5-6 years old, a future champion, with a white helmet, who was admirable for the tenacity (see photo and video), to the engaged couple, and up to the veteran riders, close to 70. Just a nice show! So in the afternoon, I dedicated myself to take some pictures and videos of everyone (and not just of Adrien), to give them a moment of glory. I did not return to the water, as I had to return to Italy.

Around at 16.00, I prepared myself, and I left to go home.

Luckily, France, after all, is not so far .....

Aloha. Fabio

Click here, to see the slidegallery of the day, and to download the photos in high resolution.


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