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On April 8, 2017, at Pier we had a fantastic day of windsurfing! Ora wind at more than 25 knots, and sold out.


Windsurf session: Ora wind at Surf Hotel Pier (Riva del Garda)

It was since 2015 that I hadn't enjoyed a session at Pier like yesterday, with 4.7 square meters sails (I am 70 kgs) almost always full, and even too big, in the best moment. Spring and summer 2016, in fact, have been marked by too many meteorologically disturbed days, with unstable wind, and often not too strong.


Yesterday, however, the conditions were all favorable: morning mist on the plain (sign that winds were from South in the southern part of the lake), no Peler in the morning, blue sky and warm in the mountains/valleys at north of the lake. And so, it was enough to rig a 4.7 to be sure of enjoying a day that will mark on the calendar.

Many people at the spot for the occasion, with many friends and so many familiar faces.





In short, after 12.00, the parking places were almost sold out.

Before entering in the water, Roberto showed me his new Sail Loft Air Scape, which, together with the new JP board, will accompany him in his new career Freestyler.



But lest's begin to speak about the windsurfing day. The Ora began to blow soon, even if, at first, not up to the shore, but only in the center of the lake, and upwind of the spot. The usual impatience of many riders some skepticism began to rise. But for me, the day immediately seemed good, and I realized that we had only just to wait a bit. So, I immediately rigged Ezzy Panther 2 4.7 in 2010, and I left aside the Tiger 5.5. As for the board, I prepared my Fanatic Freewave TE 105, 2012. I have to say, in retrospect, that perhaps I'd better use the Ezzy Elite 4.7 (4 battens), which had depowered faster and better under strongest gusts.

Shortly after 13.00, many riders began to enter the water, eager to start the session. At first, the best area of the spot was that one to windward (towards Capo Reamol), where the majority of surfers also were planing steadily with small sails. My friend Simone Grezzi was testting the conditions ... with a Goya Banzai 4.5.




At around 13.30, I have entered into the water. At first, I had trouble maintaining a stable glide with 4.7, also due to the shape of my Fanatic, which is a bit wave oriented, so that the board turns very well, but does not pass the lulls easily. Before returning to the shore to rig a 5.5, I decided to head down to the rock of maiali, where the wind always strengthens a bit. And, in fact, in that area, with 4.7, I had no more problems. However, the wind gradually increased on all the spot. Between 14,00 and 15.45, near the rock of the pigs 4.7 was too big for me, while it was right on the rest of the spot. My friend Michele, in fact, returned to shore to take a Severne Freek 4.4.







DSC 0042


These two hours were the spectacular moment of the session. In front of the so called "maiali (pigs) rock, the best freestylers (and not) have materialized , in addition to "normal surfers", like me ... The sight was thrilling: a beautiful spring sun (temperature above 25 °C), the blue lake foaming everywhere, and the color of our sails and boards to complete the panorama. I have to tell that the water is not cold, but not even warm yet. The most talented, or the least sensitive to the cold, riders were in the water without gloves, surf boots, and headgear. I wore lighter boots, cap, and gloves, but I couldn't stay without them. Moreover, still a 5 mm wetsuit. However, in a few weeks, the lake waters will be warmer, and the situation will change radically.


DSC 0049

DSC 0057

DSC 0125


After an hour in which I was overpowered, I went to the beach to rest for a while. And so, I pulled out of my waterproof camera from my lifejacket, and I set myself to do more photos and video. That's where I was able to capture the forward loop performed by Simone, which was really worth of note for the speed of execution.


DSC 0070

DSC 0095

DSC 0105

DSC 0129


After 20 minutes, I came back to the water, to ride until 16.30, when I definitively stopped my session.

On Pier terrace, I met so many smiling faces, as in the typical Great Pier days.

We know that, even Sunday, the Pier gave everybody a very good wind, as well as previous Friday: in short, a very good triplet that sealed the beginning of the season.

Even at Como Lake a nice wind thermic wind rose on saturday (thats' what freinds there wrote us). We are lucky to live near the pre-Alpine lakes, because, when there is high pressure, they give us some good alternatives to the sea, to spend glorious days of windsurfing.

Hang loose.  Fabio


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